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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MMJ Day 29

It's the last but one day and I'm really not feeling like sewing, well unless it's hand sewing whilst watching tv or a dvd or sat outside listening to music, but in order to do that I'm going to have to sit at the machine for a bit to get to the hand sewing bit.  Not sure what it is, may be it's the me made month blues.  Got some zips to make those scraps I got yesterday into purses/small make up bags in a variety of colours so have paired them all up nicely and still haven't decided which one will be the one I keep for myself although it's a tie between the glasses one and the clocks one usually and then I remember the purple background one with the birds and I just throw my hands in the air.  Think I'll leave it until they're all made up and then decide, or I may not keep one at all and just use any money I make from them to buy myself a metre of fabric or more scraps/fat quarters for making more.  I'm so indecisive today!

A bit like the weather.  I wanted to have a picture sitting down as realised I hadn't taken one like that yet so went out but the weather was starting to turn...

me thinking quick take the picture it's going to rain any second...

Umm, did you feel that, it's starting to rain!

Urgh!  That went down the back of my neck quick let's get in!
So I'm wearing my Clothkits skirt, shrug and a new necklace courtesy of my lovely parents!  I think I may wear a dress tomorrow as a grande finale to Me Made June.  Here's hoping tomorrow is lovely and sunny! 

How are the rest of you Me Made Monther's getting along?  Ready for the finish line?


  1. Eeek attack of the sewing blues, not good. Hope you get your sewjo back soon
    p.s. have you been an amazing busy bee and done all of those buttons in your background picture?

  2. Yup! I made them all, but they have been repeated to fit the blog background...I only made 64!

  3. Wow! they look fantastic :) and what a unique background you have now, it looks fab!


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