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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

MMJ Day 3

This post nearly didn't happen but then I worked out the timer and after some real laughs at myself and laughing at how precariously my camera was perched on top of a pin box on top of my sewing machine with the cat sniffing it with great interest here's today's photo:

Me made top and me made shrug
The top as most of you well know is the ye olde faithful Amy Butler Lotus pattern cami made from Anna Maria Horner cotton voile which I think shows how good a pattern and comfy a top it is as I probably wear it about once a week!  The shrug is another favourite although newer to my wardrobe thanks to the instructions on the Sew Weekly meet up from Victoria.  I can't thank her enough for telling me how to make this as again I use it a lot!  It's jersey made into a loop and then one long side sewn together with holes for the arms to go through.  So simple.  So comfy.

I thought I'd show you this earlier attempt at taking a photo of myself before I worked out the makes me laugh as it looks like I'm trying to give you all a cwtch!  Hug for those of you not initiated in Welsh terminology!

C'mere and give us a cwtch!
Hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine, if you've had any, it's been rather warm here and due to be a scorcher tomorrow too!  Yay!


  1. weather was lovely in Rochester. The print is so cute. xx

  2. Thank you! Glad the weather is countrywide!

  3. Great top combo, thanks for the hug ;-)

  4. You sure know how to rock a lotus top! Love the shrug too!


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