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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

When will I ever learn...

that gathered skirts really aren't my thing?  Been working on the 50s dress this morning and thought I'd better try it on before putting the zip in and doing the finishing touches and realise that I think I look like a 1985 reject bridesmaid.  Hence the very miffed look I'm sporting in these shots.

Me in the monstrosity

I've decided that I quite like the top but sat here looking at the picture I'm not sure as to whether I look a bit naked as just realised the base colour of the fabric is very much like my skin tone!  Whoops!  Anyway I'm thinking of making the skirt part into a pencil skirt to hopefully rectify the situation.  Here's a shot of me pulling the skirt behind me to give you an idea of what it might look like as long as you can imagine it without the gathers and a more pleasant look on my face!

a more slim lined skirt
With any luck I'll have enough fabric left over from doing this and from the remnants I already have to make a top from it too.  Goodness I'm so grumpy when things don't go quite to plan.  I'll cheer up later I promise for my Me Made June post!


  1. oh I understand the grump! How ever it does look better slimlined, maybe refashion it, I know that seems like hard work ! Poor you x x x

  2. Thank you. Yeah will have a go at a refashion but not today.

  3. I sympathize! I just made a blouse that is NOT flattering on me and I should have known better, but ignored the signs. You're right. The skirt does look better when it's a little slimmer. Pretty fabric though!

  4. Thank you, hope the top is salvageable!

  5. Man! I hate that when that happens. It looks a thousand times better when it's slimmed down though. How about a few tiny gathers in the front, between the princess seams, then everything else straight around the waist, and narrowing the skirt at the bottom, so you look like the curvy bird that you are?

  6. Mary, I was thinking of narrowing it to make it look like a wiggle dress but the pleats idea sounds too good to pass up too! Had a go just now but cut it a bit too small so need to re do it, thankfully with that full skirt I only used half so still have half to play with.

    Thanks for calling me a curvy bird! Love it!


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