Little thoughts

Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

MMJ Day 4

As promised alcohol and me smiling due to having alcohol in my possession! It's a gin if you're wondering and I made it in a posh glass to make up for the sewing mistakes today. 

Me with a well earned gin
So I better tell you about the outfit, it was gloriously sunny this morning, then heavy rain and now blah so this is why I look a little overdressed.  The top is me made from last month's Burda magazine using the travelling lace I had from the Sew Weekly swap and I made the sash from a remnant I picked up in the market, the flowers and skirt are shop bought.  The top I think will always need a sash as it's pull on but made from cotton so has no real shape so like to cinch it in a bit.

Ok, enjoy the rest of your evening!


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