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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

MMJ Day 5

Sunday best it is then.

Me made dress and jacket, cat encroaching on picture
The dress is a Burda magazine pattern made and worn during Me Made March and the jacket is also Burda magazine pattern made for the Sew Weekly meet up.  Feel like I'm channelling Frida Kahlo with my hair do and bangles, would love to go to the new exhibition of her work in Pallant House Gallery as they're showing her work alongside Diego Rivera according to my latest edition of Harper's Bazaar.  Really loved the film Frida and the novel based around her by Barbara Kingsolver called 'The Lacuna', highly recommend both. 

Speaking of Harper's Bazaar I was amazed when I opened it up this month to find the breathtaking photos for the Chanel adverts.  They look very medieval and remind me of the costumes on Game of Thrones, if you haven't been watching it it's on Sky Atlantic and I'm hooked.  I've searched the net for pictures to show you what the adverts look like but can't find them and the magazine has helpfully not cited the photographer so I can't search for it that way either.  So next time you're in a newsagents flip open a copy, they're on the first four pages you can't miss them!

And back to what I'm supposed to be talking to you about, here's a shot of the dress on it's own, well I say on it's own as the cat wanted to be in on the action it's me and Fizz and since she 'loves' being cuddled she's getting an extra squeeze! haha!

Me and Fizz

Can you see the fear in her eyes??

Me holding Fizz hat extra bit close

It's not animal cruelty as she pounces on my tummy when I'm asleep and cries at me and sometimes nips me until I get up so I think it's fair game to cuddle her!

On a side note I did do a smidgen of fabric shopping...

Lovely lovely fabric

The electric blue is a dupion silk remnant that I'm hoping I can make into a top.  The lining and net are going to be made into a underskirt that I'll base on a shop bought one I already have in black but feel like I need one in a lighter colour. 

I've had an otherwise unproductive day and am happy with that, watched 'Despicable Me' and all I can say is "IT'S SO FLUFFY!"  Please watch it if you haven't already it's such a good Sunday afternoon film for kids and big kids alike!

I think I've randomly rambled enough now...


  1. Hey hun, I loved the jacket during the meet up. I havent watch "games of thrones" so I will keep an eye for that .. and of course to the cartoon as I am a big kid at heart and find the perfect to watch in a rainy day. Today I been soaked at a cricket match and would had prefered to stay at home under the duvet.

  2. oh that dress is soooo lovely!

  3. Thank you both!

    Hope you've dried out Rachel!


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