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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MMJ Day 7

This is not what I was going to wear today but just as I was going out of the door the zip on my top broke...a few rushed expletives later and I left the house with the quickest me made item I had to hand as every other me made top needed to be ironed.

The only me made thing is my shrug
I'm disappointed that I only wore my me made shrug and it's a repeat but at the same time, this is showing me how I really need to make some trousers for myself as at least I could have put them on, if they'd been ironed!  I've learnt my lesson and ironed all the me made items waiting to go, so I'm all set.  It also shows that real life doesn't always conform and until I have a completely me made wardrobe there are going to be some days which aren't filled with me made items. 

On that subject, I've been thinking...I'm not sure that I want a completely me made wardrobe, there are just some things that I don't want to make myself; like underwear - I like going and picking out nice undies and there's no way I'm going to learn how to make shoes either.  But there's also those nice dresses that I bought before I learnt to sew for special occasions that I can't part with.  I think I'm glad I've worked this out as sometimes I feel like I'm not meeting the standard but quite frankly I'm beginning to realise as long as I'm happy in what I'm wearing it doesn't matter whether it's me made, Primark or Dior (hahahahaha!  like I'm ever going to have the money to wear Dior other than cosmetics!!!)  I'm proud of everything I make but I'm going to try and not break my back or my heart by forcing myself to do something that is beyond my capabilities and just not that practical, just to say every single item is me made.  I'm no yoghurt knitter.


  1. Hi Mimi, I am with you. There is no point in start making stuff just for making.. There are something’s that are a pleasure to buy. I am with you on just be happy on what you can do and not bit more than u can chew.

  2. A yogourt knitter? Good for you. I want to have a wardrobe full of things that I love that work together. Hopefully most of them will be me-made, but some of them won't because I love shopping, and there are things that it doesn't seem worth it to make for me. I get all twisted up in knots when I look at getting rid of my bought clothes in favour of me-mades, just so that I have more me-mades. So good for you! Isaid that already, but I mean it again.

  3. What?! You mean you "buy" socks? You dont knit them yourself? Terrible. Next thing you'll be telling me you didnt make those spectacles yourself either.... LOL you're right - theres no need to break as much as a fingernail, I believe its "wear at least one item that is me made" and you've got that NAILED. :-)

  4. Yoghurt knitter - someone who has decided to take green living to the n'th degree and frankly a bit far and thus even tries knitting yoghurts!

    Thanks everyone, did feel like I might wake up to some nasty comments that I've gone too far...

    And no Sarah, sock knitting is a bit out of my depth! hehe!

  5. and that's where eBay comes in... maybe one day those Dior boots you covet will come up for $50 instead of their $500 retail price! (and be genuine!)... I love my Dior and Versace suits which I got for less than 20 pounds a few years ago ... a taste of the high life eh? :)

  6. A girl can dream Giles, a girl can dream! ;)


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