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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, June 6, 2011


So I don't often take part in the Sew Weekly challenges as I find the week a bit of a push to get myself together and do something if it's not something I don't already have in mind or stuff in my stash.  This week however, I was READY and raring to go! 

The challenge was to make an outfit from a pillowcase or a pair of pillowcases and as luck might have it I had two pairs of pillowcases that I'd been thinking of making dresses from.  I chose the yellow flower brushed cotton pair to make the dress from.  I used the Burda top I made for the Sew Weekly meet up as the base for the top half of the dress and my self drafted a-line skirt pattern for the bottom.  I've used no fasteners whatsoever, it's just a pull on dress, so there's some fit issues I'm thinking of rectifying but at the moment they're solved with a trusty wide belt.  I'm thinking of shirring the back and putting some darts in the bottom front to get a better fit.

So here's the photoshoot:

Oh Fizz what are you doing go away

Fizz stop crying we're only taking pictures

Oh for goodness sake what's so interesting in the corner?

And now she's hiding

Nice little hidey hole under the telephone table

This is what happens when you have a cat that is seriously nosey and has a fascination with the front door when you try and use the well lit and white painted hallway for me made photos!

I'm really glad I did this weeks challenge as it was quick, only a couple of hours as had already unpicked all the seams and it's such a cheery dress even though I need to do some tweaking on it I feel it's a success...possibly because it's wearable and it fits! haha! ;)

Now I just need the weather to wear it!


  1. Ohh I love it !
    I almost finished mine pillowcase outfit too ! xx

  2. Thank you! Can't wait to see yours! x

  3. Brilliant! The yellow is a really good colour for you too :-)

  4. I love this so much, I think it's my present favoutite of yours, a super job!

  5. It's a fantastic colour - well done. I know what you mean abou tthe weather thing though. I finished that top on the weekend, and I think the next thing on the list is a bunch of cardigans to wear over tanks, or I'll never get to wear my summer clothes!!

  6. Thank you! Not bad for a pair of old pillowcases eh? I'm surprised the yellow looks ok on me as sometimes it makes me look a bit ill so really chuffed!

    Mary I think I need a small army of shrugs too!


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