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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

MMJ Day 9

Today hasn't been the best in the world, nothing worked in work and pain in my hand has stopped sewing so won't be typing for long either.  The photos aren't the best in the world but the camera was balancing on it's end in between a pin box and a cat treat box on top of some books, so hey-ho!

It's the Amy Butler Liverpool shirt dress in Amy Butler fabric.  I love this dress because I learnt so much whilst making it like covered buttons and collars but at the same time it takes me a while to get comfortable in it as it's a bit shorter than I'd normally wear a dress.  In all honesty it's probably the same length as my tunic dress I love to wear but I think because of the buttons and the risk of it unbuttoning (not going to happen as they're such a tight fit) or them dropping off (also not going to happen as they're sewed on within an inch of their lives) I know it's paranoia but I can't help it.

I know it's blurry but if you think I'm getting out of my pj's now to recreate it, you're having a giraffe!

Close up of me made felt flowers as I'm not keen on a great expanse of cream, it's too bland for me

The Liverpool dress

Cheeky shot of the bow at the back, know you've seen this before but I just can't help it in this dress!

So there you have it.  The other thing that has been haunting me today is this 50s style skirt I saw in Primark, it was purple with a border print, incorporated petticoat with netting and only £16.  I was sorely tempted let me tell you.  There was also a dress with sail boats on it for £9.  Now I know it's all slave labour and I could make one myself but it was the guilt and the shame that put me off.  How awful is that?  It was the whole thing of yes it's mass manufactured but it's the fact that it's cheap and if I'm going to buy something that I could possibly have made myself I'm thinking I should go for something a bit more upmarket like Monsoon or Coast.  My sister will be splitting her sides now as she knows about my addiction to these two shops and how I was on a mission to buy at least one item from either shop a month to have a fantastic wardrobe when I first decided I wouldn't buy clothes from places like Primark unless it was cardigans for work.  I didn't buy the skirt or the dress but did get a cardigan that had a fault, the neck seam had come away at the back but nothing a few stitches won't fix.  I'm still thinking of that skirt though and the sail boats so think the best solution would be to track down some similar fabric and get sewing.  If I'd been weaker willed it would have been my dirty little secret as doubt I would have admitted to buying them!

Have you been tempted by the dark side?


  1. Your dress is cute and I love those flowers!

  2. Your dress is cute and I love those flowers!

  3. Darkside? You dont want to see my Absolutely love your Liverpool dress. I think you should make more :-)


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