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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

MMJ Day 10

Thank Crunchie it's Friday...this has been a long week in work and am sooooo looking forward to a lie in if I can work out how to blindfold the cat and make her sleep past dawn...

I'm realising that I've got a lot more yellow in my wardrobe than I originally thought and am beginning to worry as it's the colour of madness and I seem to be wearing yellow a lot lately.

Me made top with Primark cardi adorned with charity shop finds and gifted butterflies, Monsoon skirt
Starting off with a sedate pose, I'm blaming it on the cardi...

me made Amy Butler Lotus pattern cami, sequin flower hair clip sadly not me made
See?  As soon as the cardi is off I'm away!  Back view of the Amy Butler Lotus cami to show off the buttons at the back.  The buttons aren't exactly exciting as they're clear plastic but I like the unusualness of having a top that fastens in the back with buttons as never had one before.

front view of Lotus cami

And back to sedate again.  I promise I'll have a drink of beer now I've got the crazy out! haha! ;)  We all need a laugh now and again and hope this at least gave you a smirk.

I'm going to try and resist all the fabric on line sales going on and actually get on with the fabric I've got as want to treat myself to some new glasses, any suggestions on colour? 


  1. Oooh avoiding the sales? Good for you! Just as well you didnt have anyone tempting you eh? Lotus is looking good - yellow is a mental stimulant, an enlivening feelgood colour. Certainly seems to be working for you! How bout turquoise glasses?

  2. Haha! Think my resolve has gone already and shall be perusing the sales...whoops!

    I think turquoise would be good, I've had purple, pink and blue glasses before and now black and red so would be good to try something new.

  3. Yellow is you Mimi - it really suits you!

  4. Thank you! I've been looking at some more yellow voile online...


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