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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

MMJ Day 11 with added extras

Today has been a really good day!  Finished a dress that became a UFO in MMM, Yay!  Went to an amazing Gurkha restaurant named Yaks 'n' Yetis where we had two different types of chicken dumpling style things, rice, yummy garlic bread and two types of veggie side dishes.  It was so so yummy yum yum!  Then we went a wandering and I found a huge haul of haberdashery in a charity shop including a brand new pattern I'd been umming and ahhing over for a while - score!

So here's me not paying attention to my photographer

at least you get a side view though for a change

full on!
This is a Burda style magazine pattern that's the same as my red dress seen here and here but this one is fully lined and has my tulle/net whatever you want to call it, underskirt to make it extra poofy in a good way!  The neckline is a little risqué shall we say and I suppose since my skin tone isn't far off the colour of the background of the dress I might look a little under dressed...but I coped and after an hour or so of wearing it I felt fine.  Sadly you can't see my lovely purple shoes as the sun is casting too much of a shadow.

And so onto the wonderful finds.  I swear I nearly hyperventilated when I saw the baskets full of stuff and actually put stuff back as thought I might be taking too much and shouldn't be a complete magpie!

I'd looked at this pattern full price but had it for £2 and it's never been used, still in it's factory folds!

Zips of various lengths

I've never seen hem facing and needed some brown bias so these were great

Buttons!  I love these!

You know I love self covered buttons!

I've never seen bias binding on a reel before so had to have it just for novelty value alone

Better picture of the glass buttons as they're flower shaped

See?  Pretty flower!

So I'm all full and happy and have a nice new dress to wear and bits to use on future projects, what more could a girl want?

Happy sewing!


  1. Hey, sounds like you've had a really good day! Very impressed that mmm ufo is finished, it looks fantastic!

  2. Oh yes! I'm so proud of myself, one down and umpteen to go! haha!

  3. wow that sounds like quite a treasure haul! :) :) :) was the restaurant in Ross? ... I wonder if they do mail order take out?

  4. It was and the owner was so nice I expect he'd try!

  5. Snap! You found some 'Lightning' Zips too!

  6. Beautiful dress. You look great in it!

  7. Yeah I'd never seen 'Lightning' zips before and so had every last one! haha!

    Thank you Sophia, this dress nearly finished me off a few months ago so really glad it's wearable now!

  8. What a haul! I get so excited when I see knitting and sewing items in charity shops.

  9. Love the dress! And congrats on the charity shop haul!

    I know what you mean, I left a bunch of 60s patterns in one shop as I'd have felt guilty taking them all.

  10. Thank you! It's hard sometimes isn't it when you find a great haul but think you should be good and share as it's charity!

  11. oooh that dress is so pretty, without be too crude can i ask was it hard to alter for a larger bust? I've seen a few bloggers who have made that dress mention the difficulties they had with fitting, and I always have to do a FBA on bodices, but i love the style of the bodice and want to try it!

    Can't beleive you got that sew liberated pattern for £2! Bargain.


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