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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

It's oh so quiet...shhh

Sorry no blogging or sewing as RSI resurgence has made anything fun a bit too painful to entertain.  I've even tried to get out of work but no luck :(  meh.

However, I chanced upon a poster advertising a craft fair and jumble sale in the evening yesterday morning!  The evening!  How excited was I?  They're usually in the day time during the week so I never get to attend.  This one was held in the local St John's Ambulance hall, it was small but perfectly formed and had some really cool handmade items for sale.  I found a beautiful handmade bracelet with lots of leaves and shiny stones on it, you can tell why I liked it! ;)

Anyway, I got talking to the stall holder, I don't know I just got this sixth sense that she was the right person to speak to, and how right I was!  Her mum had set up the show!  So I showed them some of the bags and purses I'd had the foresight to take with me and I've now got my name down for a stall the next fair they do!  Yay!  I'm getting there!

I know I'm still a long way off what I'd like to achieve but I'm on the right path now and am really excited even if I have no idea when the next fair will be.  I'm thinking I need some business cards now so have been scratching my head all day trying to decide how I want them to look and what info I want on them.

I've also found that my evil plan to make everyone start sewing things for themselves is working!  My chiropractor is now addicted to sewing and I've promised to read up on a pattern she's stuck on so I can give her a hand with it.  Mwahahahahaha!  The whole world will be sewing soon! haha!


  1. Great news :-) Very impressed you had the foresight to take a few of your own bits with you!

  2. Thank you! I know, normally I'm not that organised but I just ran round the house gathering bits and took them along. I'm thinking if I'm going to do this I need to do it properly and think like a hard nosed advertiser! haha!

  3. Good news about the craft fair - well done for asking and remembering the bits. Hope that RSI is getting better. Have a good weekend, xx

  4. Thank you! Yeah feeling a lot better today, just sleepy from it. I'd forgotten that it makes me sleepy, suppose it's the body trying to repair itself. Hope you have a good weekend too! x

  5. Great news & very exciting, but I'm sorry that you've been suffering & have had the inevitable frustrations to your creating ...

  6. Thank you! Yeah it's annoying but should be back up to full speed shortly. Thankfully I can't blame making stuff for the RSI it came before that.


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