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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dresser-ing up with buttons

It's been a bit quiet here lately as unfortunately I've been ill as well as the sewing machine belt still not appearing through my letterbox (don't worry I've set up a dispute with PayPal now).  I have however managed a few bits of cross stitch and have forgotten to show you a new piece of furniture we have.  Well, I say 'new' but it's antique, it's just new to us.  I'm really really happy as I get to show off my lovely cake stands and teacups and saucers on the dresser, here, take a look see:

side view of dresser

head on view of dresser, they are fairy lights on the top not weird glowing blobs, honest!

I really like the eclectic mix of stuff we have on it, it's changed a bit since this photo was taken as have been given a plate that was my grandmother's and one that was my great grandmother's to go on it too.  I'm glad we could give it a home as it's been in my boyfriend's family for hundreds of years, it's had a few bits replaced but we're talking a long time ago, so it's good to see what each generation has added.

And now for something completely different...I couldn't think of a way of linking these two things so there you go.  I've made four cross stitch buttons as had this month's cross stitcher magazine come through the door when I was poorly and it helped keep my sanity as daytime tv is a little odd...

four cross stitch buttons

pear cross stitch button

red space invader button, if you spot the mistake - there was no way I was unpicking it all as didn't see it until the end!

purple space invader button

gold key button

The pear and the key buttons will go for sale in the shop as I'll make them into badges but the space invaders have been nabbed by J to go on his guitar strap.  I'm thinking of making all of the space invaders either on a strip of material to go on a t-shirt or on a laptop case for my brother-in-law's birthday as know he'll love that they're space invaders!  I've started a big piece of cross stitch that will either be a cushion or a tote bag as fell in love with the design but not going to show you all yet as not sure if it's going to be a present, depends on how well it turns out!

As I've been feeling lots better today I've also been working on a few sewing projects, tracing and cutting out and am going to try my hand at making bias tape as haven't tried it yet despite getting the gadgets to make it!  No photos yet sorry.  Hoping normal service will resume from now on, but I have made an important decision.  Despite having lots and lots of fun doing Me Made March and Me Made June I'm not going to participate in Self Stitched September.  I'm just too burnt out at the moment and making clothes for myself right now seems rather daunting as have lots of projects I want and need to finish.  I also want to start on making things for Christmas as would like to do as much of a hand made Christmas as possible like last year and need to get cracking now.  I'll be very happy to see everyone's Self Stitched adventures though!

Happy sewing everyone!


  1. Love love love the space invaders! Glad you're starting to feel a bit better. Just take it slow, and start entering every sewing machine competition you see ;-)

  2. wow, space invader buttons! i bet those would sell really well online!

    it's probably a good idea to take a break from the me-made month, what with stocking your etsy store, maybe having that craft show, and preparing for a hand-made christmas on top of that!

    i like the Welsh dresser too... very Antiques Roadshow! ;)

  3. The buttons are great!

    Good for you declining to do SSS11. I'm doing it, but only because I missed out on MMJ. Plus it's warmer in September. Hoping to have at least one skirt made before then.

    Hope you continue feeling better. Feeling poorly suck, especially when daytime TV is crap.

  4. hope you feel a bit better soon lovely! Your dresser is stunning.

  5. Thank you everyone! I feel that there may be a lot of space invader related makes in my future!

    I really love the dresser, it really makes me feel like my house is a home! Really daft I know, but I think it's because both our parents have dressers and I have the stuff to put on it! hehe!

  6. Hope you are feeling even better now & the buttons are fab! Space invaders really lend themselves to cross stitch.

    Enjoy some slow time & it's a good idea not to put any added pressure on yourself for SSS (& very forward thinking with Christmas making - I'm kind of thinking maybe I should start planning too rather than leave it all to November!)

  7. Thank you!

    Yeah, starting to panic already re Christmas making as not sure if I used up all my good ideas last year!


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