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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pin sticking work

I've been on a bit of a pin cushion making kick at the moment as they're hand sewn, I get to use lots of different fabrics and I get to use random buttons, what more could I want?  They also look a bit like flowers or a fancy cup cake, to me anyway, and thus are displayed on a cake stand as it pleases me immensely.

Three pincushions clockwise from top: one in red tones, one in green tones and one in yellow tones

Moved round to show the red pincushion closest to the front

close up of the pincushions

close up with the yellow pincushion at forefront

Overhead view of the pincushions

I've added green leaves to the green pincushion but J thinks it looks like a cat or a pig now, what do you think?  I'd like to put them for sale on my shop but if the consensus is that it looks more like an animal than a flower I will need to do some more work on it!  There are more pincushions on the way as they're so therapeutic...and Fizz keeps wanting to run away with them!  I have relinquished one to her which she sported round the living room like a football, so at least there's more than one use for these if no one likes them as pincushions! haha! ;)


  1. mmmm anything that can double as a cupcake has got to be good! and tripling as a cat toy even more so! hehe

    ... just don't get confuzled and end up putting pins in your cakes! ;)

  2. lol dammit J, all I can see now is piggy... sorry honey, blame him ;-) Oooh do a pink one and make it a piggy on purpose, that'd be real cute! Oooh and you could do a grey / black one with a teeny button for a cat, stuff some cat nip in with the stuffing - then you've got kitty treats too! Not that they arent lovely pincushions mind you, cos they are, they're gorgeous, I love 'em :-)

  3. These are absolutely adorable! All of the colors and fun buttons are terrific.

    I like the idea of the flower pincushion. Maybe you could add some embroidery thread to make it look like it has petals. Here's a link to a pincushion pattern I've used before:

    If you add some cat knip to the next batch of pincushions I'm sure your cat would be in Heaven. :)

  4. Maybe if you overlapped the leaves a little they'd look less like ears? They are very cute!

  5. Thanks guys!

    I think I shall try overlapping the leaves and may put some embroidery floss down the middle of the leaves to give them veining. Thanks for the link Sophia, I'll check it out now!

    And I think I have a cat toy business coming along unexpectedly now too! Have I ever told you guys about the pigs I made that have had to be given up to Fizz?


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