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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pin cakes

This is what I've decided to call the pincushions I've been making since they're being displayed on a cake stand and they remind me of those fancy cup cakes as I said yesterday.  I've adjusted the green one that was starting to look decidedly animal rather than floral and added some detailing to the leaves and added an extra leaf in a different shade of green.  I've also made another two pin cakes, another green one and a pink one.  I've run out of stuffing now so guess I'll have to work on something else instead now!

Here they are, wouldn't you like to take a bite? 

Five yummy pin cakes sitting on a cake stand

Another view of all five...nom nom

Ooooh stop tempting me!

Here's a close up of the newbies:

Frog button sitting on a lilly pad leaf on top of a green pin cake

Pink pin cake with pink button on top

They're now available on my shop if you fancy one for yourself or as a present for someone!


  1. aww they're lovely :-) Wee froggy is real cute!

  2. Those are yummy and very clever. Great colour combinations.

  3. They look gorgeous Mimi. I especially like the froggy one, its soo cute :)

  4. Thanks guys! There may be more animal button ones as have a small collection of them...just need to stock up on stuffing!

  5. mimi, how sweet.. you should sell them as they look so beautiful ! xx

  6. Love it! If only we lived closer - I have a whole bag of stuffing!! You are super talented and creative!!


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