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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

I'll keep your heart under lock and key

I'm still addicted to cross stitch and self covered buttons so expect to see lots more!  I'm going to be selling these on my shop as a group as I think they're a cute group, it started off as just random things that were small enough to fit on the top of the buttons I had and then I had a brain wave...I could group them together!

left to right: red cross stitched heart on white background, light green cross stitched lock on dark green background and gold cross stitch key on red background

Close up of above

View of the backs of the buttons

And in a circle clockwise from top, red heart, gold key and green lock
I need to order myself some more buttons as running out fast.  I can see these on a cute chunky knit cardigan or with badge backs on a bag.

It's otherwise been a rather unproductive week, my sewing machine belt debacle is still raging on, it's a full blown dispute now with PayPal trying to sort it with the seller.  I've managed to find one other place that is selling the one I need but I'm frightened to order it in case they don't deliver the goods either.  Urgh.  Hate being let down like this.  It's annoying as I see other machine belts everywhere but the one I need is like hens teeth.

I'm also trying to be good and not buy any fabric but what with there being so many sales or discounts on in the online fabric shops my resolve is being tested to it's limit!  I'm thinking of starting a Christmas/birthday list so at least if someone asks what I want I can give them the list and tell them to pick from there...a bit like a wedding list I suppose but less stress.

What fun things have you been up to?


  1. It looks to me as if you have been really productive! I agree, those buttons would look great on a chinky cardi, or a think wool pinafore dress, or on shoes or a bag ... in fact very decorative on all sorts! I'm sorry about your sewing maching issues - hope it gets sorted soon & you can get back on the pedal!

  2. Lovely lovely buttons :-) I hope you do get that belt sorted out though, you could always try phoning the company you'd want to place your order with, getting someones name would help you feel a lot more confident about placing another order.

  3. If I had a cardigan with some of those very smart buttons, and if one of the buttons fell off... you know it'd be the key. Would I have to come and find you to get me out of my cardigan?

  4. They make a super sweet group together. Good luck with machine belt - sounds like a real pain. I think you should definitely have a fabric wish list. I have an amazon one for crafty books, I shared the link with friends who asked what I wanted for my birthday and ended up receiving three lovely books! Have a good week. xx

  5. missing you Mimi !
    Saw this lovely little treasures on Etsy this morning, they are so cute.

  6. Thank you everyone!

    Good news is the new belt is in the post and I should get it by the end of the week! Yay!

    Giles you crack me up no end!

    Thanks for all the tips guys, sorry it's been a bit quiet on here lately...I'll do better I promise!


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