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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This was going to be a whole other story...

Let's set the scene, rubbish day at work so cheer myself up by buying the latest copy of Burda magazine as haven't bought it for months and then when I get in the package I've been waiting for!  The sewing machine belt!  Oh Joy!  My heart leapt out of my mouth and I felt faint with all the lovely sewing I'd be able to crack on with!  I thought providence had shone on me by making me buy the magazine and then providing me with the means to make the things I liked in the magazine I had even started forming a blog post in my head as I sorted out the forward to when J comes home and I make him take apart my machine to fit the new belt as I jig around in impatient anticipation to the point where I need to leave the room.  I then here a faint cry of the 'you're not going to like this' variety and find that the machine belt I've ordered isn't long enough. 


How could I be so stupid!  I didn't measure the old one as we were convinced it was stretched so knew it would be off so went by the make and model number of the machine, which has so far only turned up two sellers, one I have a dispute with, the other oh-so lovely but stupid me ordered the wrong sodding belt.  Urgh.  I've now sent a really grovelling email to them asking if I could pretty please exchange it for one they think will fit my machine and given them the code we have now discovered on the old belt.  I just hope they don't hold my stupidity against me.

And just for good side splitting laughs, J thinks he's permanently fixed the machine and it wasn't really the belt after all...I think if I don't laugh soon I'll cry.  Then again he could be wrong...I sure hope he isn't as I'm itching to get something finished sewing wise, just not tonight.

My sincerest apologies to everyone who has been at the blunt end of my moaning, with any luck this will be the last you'll hear on the subject.  Finger's crossed everybody! 

Have any of you had such a head slapping moment of utter stupidity?  Come on, share and share alike!


  1. Oooh Hope J's fixed it!! I'm sure they exchange the belt for the right size, and a spare belt isnt a bad thing to have ;-) Fingers crossed for you!

  2. I feel your pain! ... and yes, I've gone as far as erecting a sign with a target on it and the prompt "bang head here!"

    One case that springs to mind was the number of different washing machine plumbing parts I aquired because I thought I knew what bits and pieces I needed!

    And I still haven't re-listed my Calvin Klein shoes that I bought off eBay, sure they'd fit... that's the second time I've done that! Unfortunately my silly old feet don't have any labels to tell me which size shoe I need in each different style and make!

    Oh boy, I guess none of us get any smarter as we get older! haha!

    Hope the machine is back to 100% and you're back into making things like a woman possessed! :)

  3. Oh no!!! I know you want your machine back in working order. I do hope J has it figured out! Let's see... My feel-stupid moment of the day involved me asking E why her box of wipes was empty, since I just filled it yesterday and had a hard time believing that she'd gone potty enough times in 12 hours to warrant going through 50 wipes! Me - Why on earth is the box of wipes empty? E - Because I used the last one. Well of course. Ugh. I guess she has the literal thing down... Silly me for asking such a silly question.

    Good luck with the belt!!! Fingers crossed!

  4. aaaargh, I'm with you. I can not believe how patient you have been. I bet you have list as long as your arm of all the things you want to make. At least you have a copy of Burda, I have subscribed and I'm still awaiting my first copy, boo hoo, I'm desperate to plan my winter waldrobe!!

  5. Thanks guys! Glad I'm not the only one!

  6. Oh man - that's frustrating!! Hope it gets fixed soon.


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