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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pretties and noms

Tell me if you're getting sick of seeing me cut shapes in leather.  I won't listen but you can moan all you want! ;)

I've finished the chrysanthemum and I've made another bird cut out but this time in a circle.


bird cut out in a stripy circle

I really like how they look held up to the light:

bird cut out held to the light

chrysanthemum held to the light

The chrysanthemum makes me think of the inside of a lotus root.  I didn't do a pattern for this, I just cut and am amazed at the pattern I can see in it!  I find it a bit mesmerising.

And so onto the noms.  We have a blueberry bush in the back garden and so far this year it's yielded 210g, so I made them into muffins!  Mmmmmmm!  Haven't tried one yet as they're hot out of the oven.  I've also just finished making blackberry muffins too as had five punnets for £1 as the green grocer was trying to sell them off at the end of the day.  Have to say they're the most enormous blackberries I've ever seen!  So that's one punnet down, only four more to go!  I'm thinking pie...

blueberry muffins mmmmmmmmm

Can't you just smell them?  Go on then, have one!


  1. More sweet leather shapes - very clever !
    And as for muffins - hmmmmmmm! I love the idea of big juicy blackberries too

  2. Thank you!

    Think I shall partake of a small muffin and a cuppa!

  3. Hmmmm Muffins look goooood... Leather work is going well too, love the chrysanthemum. Want muffins...

  4. ejust got home from the late shift at work... could do with one of those yummy muffins! ... oh yes, and a piece of pie and a cuppa! mmmmm that's the life :)

  5. The muffins are good, I can't lie to you! :)

  6. Oh muffins!!! I love fresh fruit muffins - I think there is nothing better. I love your leather cut outs - they are pretty spectacular!

  7. Thank you! I can't get enough of blueberry muffins...sadly they're all long gone :(

    Thanks, I need to get some new designs and work out what they're going to be used for...


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