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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I can now call myself a stall holder!

Had my first craft fair stall today and it went really well!  I'm utterly exhausted now but very very pleased!  I've learnt how to set out a table, and how not to...the pegs I put in my bag at the last minute were invaluable, but don't forget a sharpie marker and some extra fabric for draping just in case.  I've learnt what sells and what might need to be re-jigged or re priced.  I also managed to bag the centre table, the fist one anyone sees when they come through the door!  How jammy is that for a first fair??

And...I won a handbag in the raffle, by pulling my own name out of the hat no less!  Those of you who were at the Sew Weekly meet up will know I somehow managed to do it then as well, how creepy is that?  It's a large bright orange handbag and I love it!  Such a great prize for a wonderful day, everyone was lovely to me and so kind and helpful.  I've even got a commission piece to do and have been given some very useful contacts for other fairs and have been invited back to the next one at the venue I was at today.  I think I can safely say today went well.  I've put all the money I made today to one side as my float for my next stall as think this is the safest option, as if I put it anywhere near my current account it'll get spent on fabric...I can tell!

Here's a few pictures of my stall, they're taken at different times during the day so there's a little less consistency than I'd like but was trying to take pictures for my own record of how I set things out and not of the people at the stall.

Looking at the stall head on as you enter the fair, oooh the goodies!

Another view of the goodies, including the quilt Sarah made!

Right side on view

Left side view

Close up of my felt flowers and cross stitch buttons and the vinyl clocks my friend made

Christmas decorations I made, some cross stitch, some gingham

Another view of the felt flowers and wider view of the table

I'm completely shattered but happy and can't wait to do another one!  Oh Oh!  And I made my first sale on my etsy shop this week!  Hurray!  Oh oh!  And I had my first sewing class today as joined a free sewing class.  Oh oh!  And I got a bonus at work and am due to get another, so will put it towards a new camera!  Such a good week for me!  hehe!

Happy sewing everybody! 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, and your stall is really pretty! Put your feet up and relax--you've earned it!

  2. Congratulations!! What a wonderful experience - you are obviously a natural!!! And so much more good news too, I'm so happy for you x

  3. Looks like you've had a great day! Hope you get some rest tomorrow :-)

  4. Congratulations on such a great start! I love your felt flowers! Isn't it great to feel appreciated? Way to go!

  5. That's really wonderful! I'm sure how you present your items on the stall will play a big part in whether they sell, so it's a great start and will get even better :) ... and a commission piece too!

    Like all your good luckiness this week too!

  6. Thank you everybody! Just so you know it was just tiredness and not complete insanity, I didn't have a sewing class that day but that week! D'oh. My head was completely in the shed by the end, think it decided to switch off...

    Since Alison can't comment on here and since there's probably a few who miht want to know what everything is here's a list:

    Clockwise from top left: Cake tins were stacked up at the top left topped with felt flower brooches/hair slides, surrounded by some cross stitch buttons, a head warmer then some of the foam circle bunting, crochet scarves, the bags my friend Karran made, the quilt Sarah made, my zip bags/purses and clutch bags, some more bags Karran made, the taggies she made, the bag charms her sister made. Then on the top layer, the plants in teacups that Karran made, in front of them on the table are the vinyl clocks Karran made and in the middle of the table are the Christmas decorations I sewed and cross stitched in a vase hanging off pipe cleaners and in front of them is a teacup full of some vintage brooches of mine and an iphone case I made in felt. Phew, that's a lot of stuff!

  7. Well done mimi... What a lovely stall. Xx

  8. What a beautiful stall! Everything looks great. A good tip
    Is to find a cheap shoe rack to put items on and use that to add height and depth to your stall. Gives shoppers the opportunity to look at eye level too.

    As for your win and the lessons - yay!

    Thanks for your comment on my not sorbetto tea dress!

  9. Thanks Rachel!

    Michelle, that's such a good tip! Thank you!

  10. You are wonderful, this is so great and positive. Well done.x x x

  11. Aww! Thank you! It's given me a real boost! x


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