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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ok, so getting scared as well as excited...

I'm really excited, I have my first craft stall!  I had put my name down at a fair a few months ago and they phoned and left me a message on Friday saying there's a fair next weekend and I have a stall!  Yippeee!  And then I realised that I really need to get some serious sewing and crafting done as there's no why I can fill a stall with what I've got done at the moment...Eeeeep!  I have, however, coerced invited a friend of mine to join me as when I said I'd put my name down for a stall she asked if I needed help filling it could she share it, so it's win win!  We've had a good chat about it but think we're both rather nervous excited about it!

And so onto the progress, the stuff you've been waiting for!  Well, it's sewing, but not as you know it!  I really like bunting and then I got into thinking about other styles of bunting I could make and so came up with this:

Rainbow multisize circle bunting

Side view of bunting

More art-y shot of bunting

again...getting a bit art-y!

Small circle rainbow bunting

Another view of the small circle rainbow bunting

Multi coloured multi size circle bunting

Multi coloured multi size bunting laid out on a table for a better view

They're made from foam, so will be more durable than paper and stiffer than fabric.  They make me very happy to look at.  I'm hoping they'll sell well.  There will be more things on the stall, but haven't finished anything else new yet.  Went on a frantic supplies buying expedition this afternoon and still managed to forget some of the more important things but at least my stall will be brightly coloured and pretty! hehe!

Happy sewing!


  1. Yay! Great news. Love the bright bunting :-) Now, what are you doin on the laptop, get back to sewing! ;-) lol

  2. eeeeee! that's quite short notice though!! I think sharing the stall is a great idea since it takes a lot of the pressure off you to fill it, adds variety, and gives you some support! :)

    Think the rainbow bunting sounds great too - everybody likes rainbows!

    What sort of things does your co-crafter make?

  3. It was a short break before bed Sarah! Honest guv! ;)

    It is short notice Giles, but I think I'll rise to the challenge! Or go mad trying! hehe!

    The lady who will share my stall makes bags and aprons and will be doing some interesting things with tea cups...don't want to give it away as want to get some pictures on the day!

  4. Sweet!! Love the rainbow bunting! So pretty. I'm sure it'll be a huge hit. Good luck with your preparations this week and enjoy the whole experience! I suspect you'll love bring able to talk to people interested in your beautiful wares!

  5. Thank you Mrs SB! Taking a break at the moment but am filling a box of lovelies and am wondering if I can bear to part with some of the things...Whoops! hehe!

    I am looking forward to finding out what people really think. Finger's crossed I'll sell at least one thing!

  6. oooooh very excited for you. Good luck girl, let us all know how you get on

  7. Thank you Charlotte! I can't wait now!


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