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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Sunday: cookie cutters, felt, sequins, pom poms and an abundance of tea.  Here's the result:

All the pretty decorations

Sequinned flamingo

Moose with bell collar

Pink felt heart with heart button

Red felt heart with spotty ribbon and pink heart

Yellow felt star

Felt Christmas tree with pom pom baubles

Sorry the colours are a little off on some of them but it's dark and I couldn't wait until tomorrow to take the pictures and post about them. 

I'm thinking these will adorn the tree I'm making for my stall as now have two fairs to look forward to before Christmas.  I've been redesigning the layout of my stall in my head all weekend and trying to learn from the mistakes I made last time, like getting a plain table cloth for the table so that my smaller items aren't lost in the pattern of the backdrop.  I've also got a few more sets of battery operated LED lights so that I can make my stall look all Christmassy and pretty.


  1. those look fabulous! Especially love the tree and the sequined flamingo!

  2. Thank you! They're my favourites too! Think there may be more flamingoes on the horizon!

  3. Mimi, these are so cute... Im sure your tree will look so beautiful.. I love the little hearts

  4. everybody should have a sequined flamingo for their Christmas tree! (and a cup of tea, but that goes without saying!)

    You should bake some little gingerbread flamingoes with a little bit of icing decoration and that will attract people to your stall and into buying a sequined flamingo decoration! ... well it'd lure me in anyway!

  5. Thank you both! The flamingoes seem to be the favourite of the day!

    Mmmmm gingerbread!

  6. Did that last comment attempt work? It seemed to disappear ... In case it was lost please publish this if no other turned up before?!
    What I said was yummy felt festiveness, I am partial to the Xmas tree with clever use of bobbling. I'm feeling very organised for Christmas making and then realise that it's reading other bloggers' plans and makes and that I have to get started!! Good luck with your fairs x

  7. Hi Mrs SB! No the earlier one must have been lost in the ether.

    I know about reading things and thinking they're something you've done! I'm horribly behind but hopefully will catch up soon.

    Got some more flamingo making supplies today! Hurray! x


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