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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something wicked this way comes...

Mmmm Munchkin Pumpkins!  Honest, it's what it says on the label!

Aren't they almost too pretty to eat?

Umm might be overdoing it now with the arty Halloween pictures...
 I thought since it's the season of the witch that some spooky pumpkin photos would be good.  They shall be added to some butter nut squash to make a yummy soup as are too piddly in my opinion to carve, but no doubt this will be used as a call to arms to J to have a go anyway...

And so onto business, so you don't think that I've completely given up sewing I wanted to show you all some things that I've finally finished!  I've made some seam rolls and hams or ham rolls with seams as Giles like to call them!  I'm thinking of making a novelty set of tailor's ham and seam roll where the ham really looks like a cut of ham and the seam roll looks like a roll!  I'm refining the idea in my head as we speak! hehe!

Anyway, they were fun to make and hopefully will be fun to use as I've nabbed one for myself but there are more to come as they will be winging their way to my shop.  I've heard good things so far from Mrs ScruffyBadger who requested my first tailor's ham and seam roll.

So drumroll please! My first set of Tailor's Ham and Seam Roll for sale on my shop!

Fun big multicoloured polka dot seam roll and tailor's ham

The very autumnal browns and beige of the wool back of the seam roll and ham

 And here's my set:

And these babies are mine all mine!

Blues and greens and a little dash of indigo and white on my seam roll and ham

Wool side of seam roll and ham

 I'm really chuffed with both sets as they incorporated cotton I had in my stash from other projects and wool that was thrifted.  I like giving things a new lease of life and hope these have a long and well used life.  I've got more lined up to make in both types of colourways, so if you fancy either let me know and I can do a custom listing for you.

Need to get back to sewing so I can keep on blogging, I'm sorry I've neglected this for so long but needs must and all that, that said it is good to be back!


  1. lol, shows you how my mind works, I was imagining mini chocolate pumpkins! haha!

    Talking of the old tailor's ham and cheese sarnies, what do you actually use them for, or is it really just to take a break from stitching so you don't aggravate your RSI? mmmmm must be time for a little snack ...

  2. Oh yes!! Ham roll looking ham and a cheese and salad baguette for the sea roll! You have to! Brilliant idea ! Still using mine as I sew then press even straight seams- its easier to stuff the seam roll inside and press than laying something like a skirt out all flat. Look, you know I'm hasty don't you- this helps me ;-)

  3. Giles I will email you and give you the low down on ham and cheese rolls!

    Mrs SB I'm so glad you're still using yours! Glad you like my fun take on the ham and roll!

  4. So lovely to see you back honey! Hope this also means you're feeling better and have gotten rid of the lurgy too. Definitely need to do Giles a Ham & Roll.. lol Oooh or swiss roll and chocolate finger? ;-)

  5. haha! Thank you! Love the pastry idea! Will have to give it a go!


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