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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Silence may be golden but it's boring

So you've probably noticed it's been rather quiet here lately, that's because it's been rather hectic and then hit down by the dreaded lurgy.  Yes that's a medical term!  Or at least it should be!  So here's a very belated post about the wonderful time I had at the blogger meet up in Birmingham last Saturday organised by the fabulous Debbie at Minnado's House and Mrs Scruffy Badger.

It couldn't have been more perfect, no sooner had I pinned my badge on but Melizza and Sarah spotted me and then Rachel joined us and as we were all learning each other's names when our two organisers arrived and we were off on our fabric adventure.
Cross stitch Magpie Mimi brooch with gold gauze and purple petals behind and some lavender ric rac stalk

I can honestly say I've never seen so much trim in one place.  There were whole stalls dedicated to trims alone.  I think the fabric part of my brain had died and gone to heaven!  Melizza and I made the first purchases of mini pom pom trim as we'd both seen something wonderful done with it so had to have some to try it out ourselves.  I'm not saying what it is yet as haven't quite worked out the finer details but it's pom pom-tastic!!  I also managed to sneak in buying some giant ric rac, 5 packs of ribbon at 2m each and a bag of lavender heads for some stuffed lavender lovelies that shall be adorning my stall and shop soon with any luck!

6m of purple mini pom pom trim Ooooooh!

Just because it's so lovely, another shot of it! hehe!

Rachel looking at the trims, my purple pom poms are up there on the left somewhere!

Ric rac!  Giant Ric Rac!!!!

Here's the ones I bought, 2m of aqua and 2m of golden yellow ric rac

Trims trims trims!

Stalls of trims!

5 lots of 2m of ribbon

Lavender flowers

We did a good reconnaissance of the stalls immediately outside the rag market and then as best we could inside until our tums started rumbling and our feet aching and headed for Cafe Soya.  If you're at the rag market do try it, it's just across the road and it's delicious!  Mmmmmmm!  We also spent the time to do a pattern and goodies swap and here's what I got:

Lovely pattern from Mrs SB

Yellow ribbon from Sarah and purple zip from Melizza

Earrings as a gift from Mrs SB

So suitably refreshed and with a plan of action in mind we headed back in for fabric.  I was not disappointed.  I only bought two lots of fabric as with such a long list of 'to do' items I thought I'd be good, but we've all planned another visit is definitely in order.  I also got some more trim and some gorgeous thick velvet ribbon in golden yellow which lead Mrs SB and Debbie to think of Orla Kiely's dresses this season as apparently she has used this colour ribbon as belts with her dresses.  This in turn made me think of the lovely pillow cases from Orla Kiely that I've taken apart to use for making a dress so this could be the belt.
Sarah trying to decide which lovely print to have

Oooh!  Fabric!

More fabric!
Debbie looking at all the lovely rolls and rolls of fabric

Gorgeous golden yellow velvet ribbon

Bargain of the century at £1 a metre, think it might be used to make the dress from the pattern above.  It's a lovely coral/pink colour with silver flowers and leaves.

Lavender two tone wool that I think I may make into the Proper Attire Skirt by Anna Maria Horner

Wondering whether to use this orange and brown fabric in the inside of the pleats...if that's how the pattern works...need to look into that.

Here we all are with our goodies!
Mrs SB and Sarah showing off her fabric

Melizza, Rachel and Mrs SB and more showing off of fabric!

Mrs Scruffy Badger had put in a special order from me for a seam roll and tailor's ham after she saw earlier in the year I'd been thinking of making myself one.  So, to save on postage I whipped up a set for Saturday and think she's pleased with it!  You can see the ones I made her on her blog.  I've started making a set for myself and will put some in the shop too.  So if you want one in a particular colour/pattern let me know and I'll sort it out!

The tree pattern one is mine all mine but the spotty one can be yours!

Reverse of the tailor's hams, mine is the green and blue wool check one, the other has a variety of brown and beige wool check
I'm all snuggled up in a blanket with a hot cuppa as we speak.  Hopefully I'll be back up to full crafting/sewing speed soon as need to get myself in gear for the Crafty Christmas Club as although I've been thinking about Christmas presents I've yet to set them down and make a proper start.  I've also got some exciting things in the pipeline, but until they're fully confirmed I don't want to set my heart on them but it means I'll be very busy and may not have much time for posting on here.

Ooooh!  And my favourite thing this week has been wearing my new knitting needle bracelets made by the lovely Scrapiana, check out her Etsy shop if you fancy a set!
Lovely purple former knitting needles now lovely bracelets!

OOooooh!  Pretty!

Hope you're all happily sewing/making/crafting away!


  1. wow! Looks like you had fun and I LOVE the purple pompom trim, just gorgeous x

  2. Mimi, what a lovely name badge ! Mella told me to come but its also so much going on on my life. I can see the amount of fun you girls had. Thanks for posting as I feel a bit part of it. And next time there is a need for name tags i will order one from you!!! lots of love

  3. well, first things first, hope you're feeling better very soon... keep taking the medicinal cups of tea!

    All those fabrics and goodies sound wonderful, as do the prices! Inspired by all this recent talk of fabric I've been browsing fabric on etsy this afternoon... there is a type from Finland called Marimekka which often has strong geometric patterns (which appeal to us male quilters) and most have good contrasts (which appeal to us low visioneers), so I'm liking those... not so much the prices though!

    Still none the wiser about what a tailor's ham roll is... still sounds like a lunch item to me.... mustard on that?

  4. Charlotte, they had every colour of pom pom trim you could imagine including multicoloured pom poms!

    Rachel, you would have loved it! Next time when we go I hope you're well enough to join us. Hehe! You'd be very welcome to a badge!

    Thanks Giles! You know, you've inspired me to make a ham and roll to look like a ham and roll! You crack me up sometimes! I did keep my eye out for any rain related fabrics but I didn't find any for you sorry. Good luck finding those lovely fabrics for cheaper!

  5. Ooh I do love the look of your pompoms... lol! Looks like you had a fabulous day out, and I'm hopin that you've cheered yourself up a little doing this post and thinking all about the fantastic day you had :-) I hope you do feel better soon honey x

  6. Thanks Sarah. Sad thing is the cold/flu whatever has come out with a vengence now, but hope this means it'll leave me alone soon!

  7. :D
    Yay for a lovely day out and very nice to meet you. I hope you feel better soon.

  8. Thanks Sarah! Can't wait to go back and get more goodies!

  9. I am looking forward to seeing what you make with all your fabric. I am kicking myself for not buying more trims now! I am going to have to go back again.
    It was great to meet you in real life and I loved your Lotus dress! Hope we can do it all again before too long. x

  10. It's probably going to be some time before I make anything with those fabrics as still haven't been well enough to go to work leave alone make anything! Oh well.

    It was lovely to meet in real life so I think another meet up would be fantastic! x

  11. Oh mimi sorry to hear you've been unwell but hope that you are feeling better now. Your photos are beautiful - all that colour! All that trim. I am also kicking myself for not getting bobbles as I know what I want to use it for in the Xmas present department! Your ham has been getting used by the way and they hang at the moment on my ironing board until I work out where I need hooks and shelves etc to be installed. Looking forward to seeing your makes....and good luck with all your craft fair making too. ( you know I loved meeting up with you again in case it needs to be said? X)

  12. Yeah feeling a lot better now thanks!

    Glad you've found the ham useful! It's good to know! Can't wait to see the bomshell dress!

    I've been wearing the earrings, brooch and ring nearly every day since I've had them, thank you so much! x

  13. I'll probably try and come next time! Also wanted to say thanks for making my shop a fave on Folksy! Have only just noticed!

  14. We're thinking of sometime in the new year for the next meet up, so you're very welcome to join us!

    No problem about the favourite thing! How are you finding the shop?


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