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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gum Drop Pillow

Just so you know I am sewing and not sitting round doing nothing, here's a finished present!  I think it'll come under the Sew Grateful criteria as the fabric is from my sister and it's going back to her as a finished product...she doesn't know so sister who reads this please keep it under your hat!

I used Amy Butler's Gum Drop pillow pattern and it's quick and simple to whip up, only thing is it's stuffing hungry...make sure you get lots and lots of stuffing!

Gum drop pillow in a grey/cream background fabric with sketched on flowers and leaves highlighted in white.  There are eight segments to the pillow and an octagon on the top that covers the joins

Side view showing the pattern a little better.  I think they're dog roses.

The fabric is quite a soft shiny cotton, so soft in fact that I couldn't resist trying it out...


Christmas making is tiring!


  1. lol Great final pic! Makes the pillow look extra comfy!

  2. Hehe! Thank you! I did umm and ahh over posting it but thought, what the hell!

  3. It looks very inviting!! Lovely. I think your sister will love it.

  4. Thanks! Hope so, she chose the fabric...ok not specifically for this but hey ho!

  5. I'm glad to see you're taking quality control checks very seriously!

    Maybe you could have a surprise item in your store where people can pick a fabric and you make a surprise item out of it! You could set up a relationship with a specific store to pick from their stocked lines!

    Like the sound of the material and the resulting gumdrop! :)

  6. Hehe! yes Giles, quality control is very important!!


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