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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Felt rings

New in the shop!  Felt rings that I've designed and made myself.  I've got to get super busy making as I've been given the opportunity to share a stall with a local craft supply shop called Nimble Fingers during February half term.  I'm so happy and bewildered and chuffed to beans that the shop owner asked me to exhibit and sell my wares on her stall!  I'm guessing it's because I spend so much time in there...I may need to get my own chair there soon!

My head has been abuzz ever since I got the news so this is the first of hopefully many new things I can show off on the shop and stall and sell with any luck!  I'm trying to do small runs of things so that I don't get bored making the same thing and so that I don't get stuck with a large stock that won't sell.

These are the rings I've made, I'm going to keep one for myself as I love it so much and well, it'll help me show off what I make by wearing it!  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Lavender coloured felt ring with wooden engraved heart shaped button resting on a heart shaped mirror at a side on angle

Front view of felt ring with heart shaped wooden button

Lavender coloured felt ring with light blue oval in felt with a mid blue piece of felt shaped to look like a heart and a brass coloured button at the point of the heart, the ring is resting on a heart shaped mirror flanked by larger heart shaped mirrors

close up view of the ring with the blue heart

Lavender coloured ring with a purple heart and silver shiny button in the centre of the heart.  The ring is resting on a large heart shaped mirror with the three other mirrors going off into the distance

Close up of the purple heart shape ring with the silver shiny button.

I've made some more but not sure if they're going to stay the way they look now.  Think it's time to move onto something else and come back later with fresh eyes and ideas.


  1. "Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes; she will have music wherever she goes!"

    These sound lovely and perfect for Valentine's Day! let's hope they sell like hot cakes! I will pass on the link to your store and see if I can hustle some people over to have a look at them!

  2. Great news about the stall, no wonder you're excited! Hope they all sell out!

  3. Thank you! Me too! Finger's crossed!

  4. They're really pretty mimi! Great news about the craft fair. It's nice that you've got a fair outside of Christmas time. Enjoy the whole process!!! X

  5. Thank you! I'm so excited as the City council is doing all the advertising and leg work so all I have to do is turn up with my pretties! Yay!

  6. gorgeous rings!! very pretty indeed, and love your new hair do's very chic XXXX


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