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Monday, January 2, 2012

Sweet tooth

I've decided this year that I'll learn how to quilt.  I know it's a dangerous hobby but I would like to say I've at least made one proper quilt in my life time and since Craftsy are doing a free course called The Craftsy Block of the Month, there's video tutorials and you can email for help and so since I don't have much in the way of fat quarters and I'm always game for a giveaway I'm entering Quokka Quilts competition with the Fat Quarter Shop.  So I've built a mosaic of pretty fabrics and hope I win it as it'll be a super sweet tooth quilt!

Sweet Tooth Quilt Mosaic
And here's the list of the fabrics:

Orange Crush Punch Small Stripe Yardage
Dessert Party Strawberry Lollipop Lineup Yardage
SKU# 12049-98
Essential Dots Hot Pink Yardage
SKU# 8654-31
Sunny Happy Skies Pink Festive Stripe Yardage
  Dessert Party Raspberry Confetti Dots Yardage
SKU# 12053-112
Dessert Party Raspberry Gumdrop Stripe Yardage
SKU# 12051-193
Crazy Daisy Red Rhythm Yardage
SKU# 4645-11
Caterwauling Tales Magenta Pin Stripe Yardage
SKU# 0919-2
Aqua Red Red Dumb Dot Yardage

Dessert Party Sorbet Allover Hard Candy Yardage
SKU# 12052-239
Orange Crush Watermelon Little Triangles Yardage
Crazy Daisy Fuchsia Multi Wave Yardage
SKU# 4643-22
Bella Solids Aubergine Yardage
SKU# 9900-139
Bella Solids Christmas Red Yardage
SKU# 9900-16
Bella Solids Magenta Yardage
SKU# 9900-92

So if you fancy some pretty fabrics to make a quilt with head on over to Quokka Quilts for the rules and happy shopping!


  1. Ooooh great news!! Get yourself on Brit Quilt too... there's always people happy to help answer questions, fix things, etc on there

  2. If your quilt is as cute as your mosaic it will be amazing! x

  3. Each time I get to the aubergine (that's an eggplant for any American readers) I keep thinking, is that the odd one out part of the competition?!! I'm liking your sweet selection!

    The crafty quilt class should be a great intro to different quilting styles, a bit like the sampler quilts people used to make way ack when ... and probably still do! I can't wait to try the different styles - I've seen some at quilt shows and the classics can still look fantastic!

  4. Thanks Sarah, I'll have a look!

    Thank you Charlotte, I really hope I win! hehe!

    Giles, only you could point that out! It is the odd one out as it's not as sweet as the others! hehe!

    Here's to quilting! Cheers!

  5. That's on my list to learn this year too! That and machine sewing. Your garments are very inspiring :)

  6. Also, sorry should have posted using my real name... xx Medha

  7. Lovely combination! Good luck!


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