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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

So I promised myself when I wrote this post that I'd get myself some new embroidered labels to sew in what I make and to get some business cards, I've also been trying to save for a new camera too and hey presto they're all done!  *waves magic wand*

Me with my shiny new camera!
To me it looks like a 'proper' camera!  I know it's a really girly thing to say but it just looks right.  It reminds me of the camera my dad used to have back in the days when everyone used films in cameras and it weighed a ton, especially in it's silver case with all the lenses etc in it.  I'm also happy that it was in the sale but am not so happy that I haven't managed to get a gorilla pod tripod for it yet as everywhere seems to be sold out, so may need to order it online.  I'm going to make a case for it from the Melody Miller viewfinder fabric as think it's rather apt!  I know Kokka do a camera print fabric but I love the viewfinder fabric more!

Next up, here's my business cards.  I got them from Vistaprint if anyone wants to get any.  They've got lots of offers on and seemed the best deal for me anyway.  They're on recycled paper with a matt finish.

scattering of business cards

close up of business card on a shiny tin top.
They've got a brown background which is almost tinged with grey, there is a bird on the left hand side that has been printed once in mustard yellow and then a top print slightly off centre of a brown chequered pattern.  There are some swirly lines that look like stitching and it has the shop name top right with the general gist of what I make and sell and then my etsy shop address.  Below the bird in the bottom left hand corner is my email address and blog address.  I think they're quite simple but has all the info I need to give out.  The backs are plain white except for the recycled logo in the bottom right hand corner.  I like that the back is plain as I can write something on there if need be when speaking to customers or give out discount codes for the etsy shop for that day only or whatever.

Next we have the pretty embroidered sew in labels from Woven Labels UK as before.  I chose navy lettering this time as wanted a change from the green.  I didn't go for any motifs on there as they didn't have a bird and because not everything would look right with a sewing machine or needle and thread on as it's not appropriate to what it is.  So these suit me just fine.

embroidered labels which read Magpie Mimi in navy on a white background still wound on the card they came on
I haven't used any of them yet, but soon I hope to use this book and sew some labels in:

The Colette Sewing Handbook

Patterns inside the book

Ok, so I caved!  I've joined the gang and got the book!  I was really impressed when I sat and looked through it in the shop and was even more impressed when I got it home and realised that the patterns weren't on paper but proper pattern paper.  I hope to work my way through this book, possibly in sewing class as the teacher has told us we can do what we want, even dress making if that's what we want and she'll help!  Woo Hoo!

And because I'm really super dooper impressed with my new toy, here's a picture of a flower when I was trying the camera out

extreme close up of a fake flower, which I didn't realise until after the shot that thee was a piece of thread on it!

Even though I managed most of my New Year make list I posted in January I'm not going to make any resolutions, I won't stick to them as will rebel against the structuring.  What I will say is that I hope to get some use from the sewing patterns and books I've acquired this year along with the fabric I have in my stash and will definitely do more stalls and try and keep my etsy shop upto date as it's sadly neglected at the moment. 

Here's wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year!  Happy New Year!


  1. very very happy new year to you too sweets, hope 2012 is utterly fabulous :-) Love your business cards by the way, really lovely. Matt finish is a classy touch too. And wow, awesome camera!

  2. Thank you! A very happy new year to you too!

  3. That Colette book is so worth the money - 5 decent patterns as well as a great book. I'm thinking of getting a second copy to cut up the patterns and one to keep uncut. I love the labels you have made. You are so lucky with all your toys!

  4. congratulations on the camera, cards and labels! I was on my phone when I saw the chocolate mustaches, but they are hilarious. I have a paper one on a stick at my office for when I need to assert my manliness.

    Have a Happy New Year!

  5. Charlotte, I've left a comment on your blog, for goodness sake don't buy another copy to chop up! Get some tracing paper!

    Allison, I'm so so chuffed with the camera! Just got to learn how to use it now! Chocolate moustaches are the way forward! It's a really cheap mould too, only a couple of dollars.

  6. Mimi, wishing you a wonder new year full of accomplishments and success. Xx

  7. New camera...ooohh..I am jealous! Hope you are having fun with it. The cards look great, I like matte finish.
    I got the Colette book for Christmas too, maybe a sewalong beckons at some point? x

  8. Rachel, Happy New year to you too! Hope you're sewing goes from strength to strength!

    Deb, that's not a bad idea...I'll email you!


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