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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fair play

Well, it was such a nice day I think all the fair going people were out in their gardens or at the beach!  I did ok but it was a bit quiet.  I did, however, manage to get three more fairs lined up so not a bad day and I've been bouncing ideas off another crafty friend at the fair and have some new product ideas I'll need to tinker with AND I've signed up for a pottery/ceramics course that the same friend will be running.  So all in all quite a good day and lots of people took my cards so hopefully it will lead to more people looking at the Etsy shop and finger's crossed buying stuff!  Hurray!

Here's some shots of my stall at the fair
View of felt brooches, zip purses and pin cushions

Looking up into my 'tree' which has lavender stuffed hearts and birds and faux leather bird necklaces in

Faux leather bird necklaces hanging from tree

View of the stall showing the bunting, jewellery, basket of bunnies and the 'tree' in the background

Basket of bunnies with faux leather bunny hair clips and bird hair clips below

Flower rings and earrings

Bird rings

Pom pom flower rings at the top and rose cabochon rings at the bottom

Jewellery box filled with rose and chrysanthemum cabochon earrings on the top of the box and vintage sparkly brooches in the bottom drawer

Back view of basket of bunnies

My tree with Easter bunny prop, tailor's ham and seam roll and jewellery

View of bunting round the table and showing more of the jewellery and bags

Another shot of the basket of bunnies, jewellery and Easter bunny
The rather rich chocolate cup cake I nom nom nommed with a cuppa, the chocolate buttons were my favourite bit!

So, that's it for this fair, the next one is in Newport Kingsway Shopping centre on Saturday 7th April, come say 'Hi!' if you're about.


  1. It does sound like you had a lovely day, despite the slow attendance. Glad you got a few more gigs lined up too! Stall looks lovely, great presentation :-)

  2. Mimi it all looks so pretty. Good luck with more fairs, it must be hard to get a set customer base. x x x

  3. Thank you ladies! Yeah it is hard getting known especially since the fairs I've attended so far have been so new, but we've all got to start somewhere haven't we?

  4. that stall of yours is sounding better and better stocked with each fair! It's very positive that people are taking your buisness cards .... I know I've browsed craft fairs before and not bought anything on the day but have taken a card and browsed the website later and bought something!

    Is the Newport fair organised by the council? Have you seen them promoting it at all? You could always look for Newport blogs and mention that you're going to have a stall there, and that'll not only raise awareness of the fair but people will come looking specifically for your stall, and they can browse your store online before the 7th!

    Well done with all the future leads too! :)

  5. Thanks Giles! I will keep my eye out for Newport blogs to help promote the fair. Yes it's run by the council. They have promised to put an advert on their website but there will be no flyer drops or posters...I'm slightly worried...

  6. Such wonderful things you're selling.

    Think positive, I'm sure that things will get better. One of these days, I get the courage (and the stock) to embark on the Craft Fairs' adventure as well. :D

  7. Thank you!

    Yeah, it's just slow to start with and I'm raring to go! hehe!

  8. What a wonderful spread of lovelies you've made. Your stall looks so pretty & SO much work must have gone in to all of the preparation. Well done. And it's all good practice, & contacts are good even if it wasn't a sell out. Well done :-)

  9. The stall looks very pretty. You have been putting so much effort and thought into it - I am sure sales will increase. It is all good experience. I agree that handing contact details is a clever idea. xx

  10. Thanks Mrs SB and Minnado! I just get a bit glum when I feel it should have gone better, but like you both said contacts are good! Thank you!


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