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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Home Tweet Home

I've been buying wool felt again and had to make some bird houses as the felt was so luscious and thick and I love them all to bits!  It took me a little while of tweaking to get the pattern right as didn't want them too big but didn't want them ridiculously small either.  For some reason I was on a mission and HAD to finish at least one last night.  I also decided that it was a fabulously good idea to hand stitch everything together rather than needle felt it for some reason...I don't know, it's not even if I had been drinking as had a bad headache all day that would not desist no matter what I took or how much fluid I took in or the numerous attempts at napping that I made.  I couldn't nap, I was too wired with the thought of bird boxes.  Gosh.  There's no hope for me is there?

Onto the goodies, I chose the most bright and spring like colours I could find and mixed them all up, well, a bird has got to have a fabulous home hasn't she?  Hey, just be grateful I didn't cover everything with sequins!!!

Bird houses hanging from a tree in the sunshine

Lavender coloured house with a yellow bird

Pink bird house with turquoise roof

Turquoise bird house with pink roof

Yellow bird house with green roof

Bird houses hanging from the tree showing the heart openings

Just swinging in the breeze

I think I might move in...

Oooh, which one to choose?

Rooms with a view

I'm torn between putting them in the shop and keeping them for the stall as I've only got a limited number, the felt is expensive and I don't know how well they will sell, and didn't want to make a hoard of them if they're non sellers.  Hmmm...*scratches head* I think I'll put them on the shop and if I sell out all well and good really!  Finger's and toes crossed people!  Thanks! ;)


  1. They are adorable.. Love the new blog look too x

  2. Sorry to hear you've got a badhead. Hope that lifts soon. Burdy houses looks sweet! Hope they sell well for you.

  3. Thank you ladies! I really am going to have trouble parting with them!

    Glad you like the new blog look!

  4. Awesome little houses--so whimsical!

  5. Thank you! I do love their useless beauty.

  6. Mimi they are SO cute! And look fabulous hanging together in the spring sunshine. Clever you!!

  7. They are gorgeous and look lovely as a group. I like the photography too. x

  8. Thank you. I'm trying very hard to think about composition when I take photos for here and the shop. I'm really not sure I want to sell them now! hehe!


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