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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Normal service will resume shortly...

I can't thank everyone enough for how kind and supportive you have all been.  It really lifted my spirits when I was very down.  Thankfully my arm is back to nearly full working order, just in time for my next round of treatment next week! haha!  It should be fine though.  I have been taking things very slowly so have been working on a dress in my sewing class which I'm pondering whether to show you whilst it's in progress or to wait until it's all done and do a big reveal as this is probably my most favourite thing in the world at the moment.  I've probably jinxed the hell out of it now but hey ho! 

I'm also working on bunnies.  I have two fairs coming up and would like to Easter theme them as I love bunnies, everyone should like bunnies in my opinion, and flamingoes and llamas.  I saw a bounty advert last night where there was a woman eating a bounty on this beautiful desert island with clear blue seas and white sands and lush vegetation and I said to J 'that would be perfect, I love bounty's now all it needs is some flamingoes and llamas and I'm set!'  I do wonder sometimes why he hasn't put me in a straight jacket and asked the men in white coats to take me away...

But I digress...I was telling you about bunnies and stalls.  Well, the first one will be at the same place I had my very first stall and the second is the new date for the one that fell through back in February.  I'm slightly scared about this second one as it's in the middle of a shopping centre thoroughfare and I'm slightly nervous that I wont have a wall to put my back against and it's in the town I work in and not very many people in work know what I do outside of work and I like that so it's a bit scary.  I'm sure I'll be fine but there's still that little niggle of scaredy cat!

My other fantastic news is that I've won not one but two giveaways!  It came on exactly the right day too, I was having a bit of a bad week with work and family life and this just brought me some much needed sunshine!  I 'won' well sounds like it was rigged to me, and for that I am so very very grateful, Marguerite Designs Amy Butler pattern and pin cushion giveaway and the Sweet Paul Lotta Jansdotta washi tape giveaway too!  I met Diane from Marguerite Designs on the Sew Weekly UK meet up in May last year, she's such a talented and modest seamstress and always has a lovely smile in all the photos she takes!  I am bowled over by her kindness in giving the prize to me after the original winner failed to claim it as she thought I needed cheering up.  It couldn't have come at a better time and I get quite choked up when I think about it.  And then to see further down on my emails that I'd won the washi tape too I was astounded!  I love reading Sweet Paul as the pictures are to die for, the recipes are yummy and there's always something fun to make too!  I have no idea what I'm going to use the tape for yet, but it's so pretty it's not going to bother me if it sits there looking prettily at me while I ponder a project for it!

So that's the sum total of my news at the moment.  I will hopefully have some finished bunnies to show you soon and will try and get some pretty photos if I venture out today and it doesn't continue to rain.  Typical, wall to wall sunshine when I'm in work and now it's raining! ;)

Thank you all once again for all your support, it really did help me heaps! x


  1. So glad you are feeling better, seems we have both had our fill of injuries and illness for the year, fingers crossed that we have a healthy rest of the year, can't wait to see your bunnies, I have my first ever craft fayre next friday and am so stressed but my sisters and I are doing it together, they make cards so hopefully will be the start of our own little cottage industry xx

    Take care
    Sarah xx

  2. Good to hear you are nearly there Mimi, and I can tell your creative juices are clearly flowing. Not madness, innovation darling! Looking forward to seeing your fluffy tailed makes ...

  3. Yay for giveaways and bloggy friends! Glad to hear you sounding a bit more upbeat, I hope your arm is healing properly - I'm sure the resting will be worth while. Really missed your blogs with your mad photos and jazz hands and stuff... Cant wait to find out more about this dress you're so excited about!
    big hugs x

  4. Im big bunny fan, I'm sure your would be lovely . Xx sending lots lo love. Xx

  5. Glad you're on the mend. Lucky you winning the Amy Butler pattern!

  6. Glad you are nearly back in full working order - I can't wait to see the dress x

  7. Glad you're feeling so much better :) After meeting my knitting group my elbow is kinda sore, so I can imagine how bad you must have felt. --Medha

  8. I am glad you are recovering. Good luck with the craft fair prep. I am intrigued to see the sewing class dress! xx

  9. Thank you all!

    I'm feeling now I should save the dress for a big reveal now as it's piqued all your interest! Might show a snippet of fabric or something just to tease you all! ;)

    Medha, be careful with your elbow I wouldn't wish RSI on my worst enemy.

  10. Hey You! I am so glad that things are looking up. The bunnies sound like just the thing. Take care of your arms and ease into this whole thing. I look forward to seeing your dress!


  11. Hello! Thank you! Bunny pictures will be up in an hour or so! x


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