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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pretty things in the shop!

Just a little note to say there are pretty shiny things in the shop!  OoooOOooh! hehe! ;)  I've had the day off so have been busy making and listing things for the shop and am impressed that I'm getting better with the camera.  I've learned that I'm my own worst enemy by getting in my own light and by trying to be too quick and then taking the same shot twice rather than adjusting the angle or look or just ending up with a bit of a blur!  I need to take more time and care, but I was on a timescale as the camera was eating up the battery, I'd even turned off the back screen and was using the good old fashioned view finder like ye olden days to save battery power but still ended up with a couple of duff photos that will have to be redone when I finally find some more batteries or go out and buy some more rechargeable ones.

Anyhoo...onto the pretties!  *rubs hands with delight*  I just love bright solid colour jewellery!

Green rose cabochon ring

Purple rose cabochon ring

Blue rose cabochon ring

Cream rose cabochon ring

Orange rose cabochon ring

Pink rose cabochon ring

Red rose cabochon ring

Turquoise rose cabochon ring

Yellow rose cabochon ring

Go on, have a look, you know you want one! hehe! ;)


  1. wow that's a productive day! I bet if you add up all the fingers on all your friend's hands, you'd still have several left over! What a rainbow of different colours!

  2. Thanks Giles! It pays sometimes to have a day off for a rest as you can do little things that make you happy!

  3. They are lovely! I'm glad you had a mental health day and that it served you well!

  4. Thanks Mary! Yeah, felt much more refreshed this morning I nearly jumped out of bed! ;) Nearly!


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