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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

So maybe I have an addiction...

Yeah, I know, another one!  At least it's not gin related.  I seem to have coupled my love for flowers, jewellery and making things into one mash up and come up with these; they're in the shop if you fancy any of them.  Go take a look!

Dusky pink chrysanthemum stud earrings

Green chrysanthemum stud earrings

Purple chrysanthemum stud earrings

Turquoise rose stud earrings

Pink rose stud earrings

Dusky pink rose stud earrings
White rose stud earrings

The only clothes sewing achieved this week has been at my sewing class, the dress is coming along nicely and at a faster pace than I thought.  Could do with working on it at home though.  It can get a little competitive to use the three brand new machines I got by asking nicely at the student committee meeting.  My powers of persuasion are endless seemingly but not when it comes to letting me use a machine for more than 5 minutes that I wrangled for the class...hmmm.... I have stories, lots of stories but I don't like speaking ill of people behind their backs when I wouldn't say anything to their faces.  If they were more a part of my life I'd probably have it out with them but it's just two hours and I can ignore people for years so it's not a problem.

I have managed to stitch up a few more bunnies that need stuffing and putting in the shop.  I do love bunnies.  There will be some other animal friends to join them soon but tea and cake are needed first.  Sustenance is always vital and vitamin c(ake) is very important indeed! ;)


  1. maybe?

    Yeah, put that bottle of Brecon Gin down too ....

    Do the bunnies get to dress up in those attractive earings? I'd buy several sets but not sure they'd go with my shirt and tie ....

  2. You're building up a lovely collection of makes there :-) Did I tell you I LOVE the bunnies?! Sorry you're not gettin on the machines at class much, but WELL DONE for getting them for the class!!
    Enjoy your vitamins, remember, at least one a day.... lol

  3. those flowers are so beautiful!

  4. Thank you ladies and gent!

    Giles, I could make you a flower tie pin if you really wanted. ;)

    Thanks Sarah, I don't know sometimes I feel like my classmates only wanted me to be on the committee so that I would be mouthy enough to get the new machines!

    Thanks Charlotte, I have a long love affair with flowers as you know!


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