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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Just some little somethings I've been making...

I wanted to share with you all some of the little dangly needle felted wool pompom earrings I've been making as I'll be sporting a pair for MMM'12.  Well, it's rude not to wear a pair of your own creations isn't it?

I'm really happy with these as I'm trying to learn needle felting so balls are a good starting point I think, simple and effective and they go with my wet felted pompom necklace that I've worn practically every day since I made it.

Bright pink pompom earrings

Lemon yellow sparkle pompom earrings

Pea green pompom earrings

Pink sparkle pompom earrings

Navy blue pompom earrings

Purple pompom earrings

Teal pompom earrings

Orange pompom earrings

Yellow pompom earrings

My bird tree with all the pretty pompom earrings dangling from like fruit.

And now for a shameless plug, if you want a pair you can get them on my Etsy shop!

Ok, so tomorrow is MMM'12 day one and I'm a little apprehensive...maybe it's because I need to do some ironing so I have things to wear for the rest of the week and then I need to get stitching for the rest of the month!  I've also got a fair coming up on the 19th so it's a busy month.

Oh, and don't forget there's the giveaway for two lovely patterns and a pompom ring of your choice!


  1. Best of luck sweetie, hope you have a great month!

  2. They are so sweet - my ear piercings are defunct these days. i love the final pic though of them grouped together xx

  3. Thank you! Ah, yes, dangly earrings and little children do not mix. I'm really chuffed with the bird tree display thingy! x

  4. Oh yay, and one pair in almost every colour imaginable! They look very pretty!

  5. Thanks Alessa! I shall be making more this weekend I expect as it's a bank holiday and get an extra day off. Hurray!


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