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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

MMM Day 10

Today I wasn't in work so took the opportunity to stitch up a present for my mum as it's her birthday this weekend and went round my parent's house for lunch.  I made a gum drop pillow and was so impressed with it I completely forgot to take a picture!  D'oh!  So I'll have to take one next time I'm round there.  My mum was super happy as she's got a bad back at the moment so putting her feet up now and then will be a welcome relief.  I also gave her a pair of silver earrings I'd made.  She's had her gifts early as she's not certain what's she's doing this weekend and having four daughters and six grandchildren, it may be a little packed round her house this weekend so thought I'd get in early and avoid the crush!

My me made outfit today consisted of my Amy Butler Lotus pattern voile top and me made pink rose ring and me made feather earrings!  Yay!  LOVE these earrings, and more feathers arrived today so I'm a super dooper happy bunny!  I also got some needle felting done so just need to thread the beads together for a necklace as had an order from one of the ladies at my sewing class last night.  It will be the last sewing class next week until September, sniff.  Going to miss it.  At least it's starting up again and not ending completely which is good.

Me made top, earrings and ring, jeans and fluffy slippers RTW

So how have you all enjoyed this soggy Thursday?  hehe!


  1. Shame your class is taking such a long break, really sounded like you enjoyed it! Did you ever do any of the quilt blocks group?

  2. It's because we don't have any exams, it's all coursework so we finish earlier. I do love going there. We haven't done any quilting yet but will be in September. As for me doing any quilting that's a no too. Hopefully soon though!

  3. I've been admiring the Lotus on you for several challenges now -- I finally threw prudence and my massive pattern stash to the side and went to her website -- AND IT IS NOT THERE!

    Lotus seems to refer to the fabric. WHAT MADNESS IS THIS!?!?!?!?! Where may I find this pattern?

  4. I'll email you the link for where to buy on eBay on the flickr group.


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