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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MMM Days 8 & 9

I have to apologise for missing yesterday's post but all my clothes went in the washer straight after work as it had been a long hot day and the bus I came home on smelled.  I mean it probably hadn't been used for quite a while and the smell of it just permeated all of my clothes so they went in the wash.  And then as I'm sat there in my pj's I realise I didn't have a picture.  So my apologies but I did wear me made jewellery in the form of my steampunk-esk brass heart with purple chrysanthemum and my lavender shrug.  So not a great amount missed anyway.

And so onto today's ensemble, I wore my me made top made from cotton picked up at last May's meet up in London on Goldhawk Road.  I used a pattern from a Prima magazine I was given.  I really like the pleats round the neck and the 3/4 sleeves.  I also wore my wet felted necklace.  The rest of my outfit is shop bought sorry, I'd love to have said I'd made the skirt myself as it's beautiful but it's a bit beyond my skills and patience at the moment!

Me made top and necklace.  The furry thing in the bottom left hand corner is Fizz

I have tomorrow off so hope to get some wet felting done and maybe some sewing if I get all my other errands done too.  Not sure what I'm going to sew up yet but I have polka dots, elephants and birds...decisions, decisions...


  1. Oooh, have fun felting! Needle felting is really popular in Japan, so I picked it up there... but supplies in Canada are either impossible to find or cost a fortune! Where do you get your materials?

  2. eww smelly buses suck. Great top in the photo tho!

  3. I also love the neckline of the top. Am looking forward to seeing what you make with elephants and birds! Are they on the same fabric? Sounds like it could be quite a skirt!

  4. Your top looks great! Having a me-made top that fits you well is a triumph! There is no need to feel bad about not having made your skirt!!! Life is too short.

  5. Thank you all!

    Sarah, I was so unamused by the smelly bus I can tell you.

    HoffiCoffi, the birds and the elephants are not on the same fabric unfortunately and probably wouldn't go together to make one outfit sadly either.

    Thanks Mary, I think another version of this top is probably the best thing I can do next as it fits and I like it lots and it's simple!

  6. Lovely top, the pleated neckline is very pretty!


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