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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

MMM Day 12

I've been overwhelmed today, the sunshine, the sunshine!!  I got up at the crack of dawn thinking 'I'll go and do the little jobs I need to do and pick up a magazine and some croissants and flowers and sit in the garden and enjoy a sunny breakfast' my plans were foiled as there were no croissants to be had in the whole village.  Imagine!  Pfft!  Not happy.  I had to have boring old toast instead.

Anyway, the day went better after we went out, I wore my Lotus tunic dress as I thought I may as well go for a Lotus hat trick!  Here I am in the sunny outdoors on a bench with some flowers in the background, aren't I lucky!

Me made lotus tunic dress with refashioned cardigan

On my travels today I managed to take some pretty pictures using instagram and pictures of my purchases.

Really cool fencing in the town I visited

My new pretty scarf

Another enamelled butterfly brooch to join my collection

Trying to be like Boadicea

And failing!

I bought 5m of wool jersey in this gorgeous dark burgundy colour.  I'm thinking a dress and then whatever else I can get from what's left.  I thought it would be boring just to show you the fabric folded up on the table and this is far more interesting don't you think?  You just have to imagine the large spear I'm holding...


  1. LOL Shame its not gold... lol

  2. My goodness! I could sell it for a fortune if it was, well...maybe I have sold it and that's why it's disappeared!! hehe!

  3. Love the lotus.

    And I love the burgundy boedicia fabric!

  4. Thank you! Well, have to have some fun sometimes don't we?

  5. I love that first picture of you!! You look beautiful!


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