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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

MMM Day 13

So I've been really busy with housework and food shopping and making and the like today so my initial plan of wearing one of my nice dresses with a crinoline under it went out the window since it would get in the way and be a pain in the neck.  So I plumped for a yet unblogged Colette Sorbetto pattern top.  I made it using a scarf picked up in a charity shop and some plain blue cotton I had left over from making the lining for my Lotus dress I wore yesterday.  I omitted the front pleat and used some grey bias binding to do the neck and armholes.  The hem I left unstitched as the hem of the scarf took care of that!  Yay! for quick makes!  The longest part was stitching on the bias binding.

Me made Sorbetto and faux leather earrings and hair clip

I go through phases of thinking this looks like a tabbard and is too loose but since it's rather warm today I'm rather glad of it's looseness.  I made the earrings that you can just see from some faux leather and I'm wearing a faux leather bird shape hair clip too as you can see from below

Me made faux leather earrings and hair clip

I've also been busy making things, I wanted some paper pompoms as I've seen them everywhere and wanted some of my own so last night I sat down and tried to make some for myself.  I'm still working out the folded width to length ratio to get a good circle and I forgot that if I want the darker colours on the outside I need to put them on the inside before folding... D'oh!  But here they are anyway

Paper pompoms as seen from below

Larger pompom in purples and pinks and peaches

Smaller white pompom

These were made last night but wanted to wait for daylight to photograph them.  I've been making needle felted flower rings today and playing round with instagram again

Orange needle felted flower with yellow centre on a ring back

I like how you can really overemphasise the colour and the light so it looks like a 70s photo taken in extreme sunlight.

And since we're on the subject of instagram and I feel like a bit of frivolity and nostalgia...I made myself one of these

Coke float!
No it's not an over zelously poured Guinness, it's a coke float!  Yum yum! ;)


  1. Lol Coke float! Love em. Great pics too.

  2. I went somewhere and they did cupcakes and coke floats and I just thought 'I need one of those soon' so J and I had one last weekend and I thought I'd treat myself to one this weekend too! Nom nom nom!


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