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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

MMM Day 14

Monday's are never the best day of the week when I have work and today wasn't the best Monday I've had, but then I come home and try and take a photo of my me made outfit and Fizz just plonks herself in shot looking at me like I'm a crazy person and it somehow makes it all better!

Me made Burda skirt and me made necklace.  Fizz is all herself!
The Burda skirt is an oldie, it doesn't get as much wear at the moment as need to take off the waistband and take it in a bit which is why it's ruffling more than it should because I've pulled my t-shirt down in a rush as I run round with the camera on self timer. The necklace I realise you can't see but it's the steampunk brass heart with the purple chrysanthemum on it.

Just to get Fizz back I took some seriously up close pictures of her.  As you can see she's completely nonplussed and a true professional.

Fizz close up looking unimpressed

Even closer and looking rather smug

Happy Monday people!


  1. One thing I have in common with cats... looking smug in photos.... Great outfit by the way, looks very together and suits you.

  2. Oh, I love that squinty-eyed cat look! My cat does that too, right before doing something to establish her dominance over me! (Like jump off the bed even when I'm offering her a treat!) Ah, cats. So entertaining!
    Love the purple outfit!

  3. Ah, isnt that just like a kitty cat, so totally unimpressed by a camera :) Great looking outfit by the way!


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