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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MMM Day 15

I did worry that I looked like a rhubarb and custard sweet today...

Me made yellow satin revamped Sorbetto and me made felt ball necklace and me made faux leather bird shape hairclip and me painted picture in the background
So worried in fact that it lifted me off the ground and against the wall...

Shot me down...

I think this makes me look like I'm led on the floor even though I'm stood on the edge of the bed leaning against the wall, I really like how the sun is lighting up parts of my outfit.  What I'm not impressed with and hadn't realised until these pictures were taken were how the diagonal stripes on this skirt make my stomach look extra round.  Hmpf.

I've been making some pin wheel bunting but the light has gone now to take good pictures so I'll save it for tomorrow.  Last sewing class until September tomorrow.  *Sniff*

In good news I have a fair on Saturday, check out the details here.  Come along, buy something!  or just say 'Hello!'


  1. who doesnt love Rhubard and custard?! I'm just waiting for you to break out the ketchup on the next photoshoot....

  2. and what's not to love about rhubarb and custard (yes I do realize that echoes the first comment but I swear I thought of it before noticing the comment!) I love your outfit!

  3. That's awesome!


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