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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

MMM Day three

I thought I'd take some funny pictures since it's not a Me Made Month without some pictorial I tried some 'oh, you're here?' looks and some sexy secretary reading a magazine look and then just me reading a magazine goes!

Oh my!  You scared me!

'And what do you think you're doing interrupting me while I'm catching up on important fashion info?'

'Ahem. Much better light here methinks'

So the lowdown, first me made blue cord skirt with lilac ricrac on the bottom edge, thrifted/charity shop find silk polka dot top and refashioned cardigan.  Me made needle felted earrings and me made ring.  I had to take the pictures on my iPhone as the batteries on my camera had gone.  See the sad looking camera in the background sulking?  Poor thing.  You may also notice behind my feet my door stop that I made in sewing class which Fizz has dragged from the kitchen.  It's really a mean feat as it's filled with rocks from the beach.

And for those of you who wished for a close up of my earrings the other day here they are

Close up of me made needle felted earrings

So there you go, day three over and done with.  Have no idea yet what I'm wearing tomorrow yet but I'm well impressed with myself for not doing the mountain of me mades that need ironing yet! haha!

I think I need a lie down...


  1. Love your photos! I commented on the one on the flickr page before I even saw all these! Too funny!

  2. You make me giggle! I love those needle felted earrings!Are those in the shop say in maybe a turquoise color and how much, because for the life of me I don't get the needle felt thing...:)

  3. Thanks Mary!

    Brandy, I do have these in turquoise, I'll email you!


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