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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

MMM Days 17-20

I have been wearing me made items the whole time, I've just been on a bit of a roller coaster and just haven't been able to blog.  I can't go into details but some things have happened that weren't very good and I've had to have some time to myself.  Yesterday, however, was a good day!  I went to a fair in Burry Port and had a fantastic day!  Lots of lovely people, stall holders and customers alike and I learned a few new things too which is always good.

So here's the MMM pictures, today there's no picture but I've been wearing my Prima pattern cotton top and jeans, I'm now in my pyjamas and they're not me made.  Day 17 was my polka dot red skirt I wore to the meet up in May last year in London.

Day 18 was my lotus top and the shrug I made along with my me made necklace.

me made top and shrug and necklace

Day 19 I wore my feather earrings, felt ball necklace and Taffy blouse with my Monsoon embroidered skirt.  And despite taking lots of pictures of the stall I completely neglected to take a picture of myself, typical eh?

Picture of stall in full

Feather earrings on bird cage

Needle felted flower rings

Needle felted pompom earrings

Rose cabochon earrings

Bird cabochon rings and earrings and silver earrings just seen

I learned the hard way that although you can make the stall really pretty and have props and things, if they're not placed in the right place it's all for nought.  I had put the bird tree with the poppom earrings on in the centre of the table, initially it was put there because that's where it was plonked whilst I and J were setting up and putting all the earrings on it (I realised later that we'd put the earrings on the back and not the front and had to switch them all round, D'oh!) but as J pointed out, it looked like we were hiding behind it.  You see, when people come to the stall, although some of them are ok with looking at you and smiling and saying 'hello' and maybe even a short chat most don't want to make small talk or even look at you so they won't look at anything that makes them look up at the point that you're sitting at.  As soon as we moved the bird tree to the side of the table, the next person who came upto the stall made a beeline for the earrings, the first person to pay them any attention whatsoever!  Amazing isn't it?  Just a tiny thing but it made all the difference.  Still didn't sell any of the pompom earrings but I've learned a valuable lesson, keep anything with height to the edges of the table if you're sitting in the middle of the table, otherwise keep the taller things to the opposite end of the table if you're sitting on the side of the table.  Of course you should always be standing but sometimes it's hard to stand and if all the other stall holders are sitting you do feel a bit of a wally stood up on your own...but I'm used to it!  hehe! ;)


  1. Hope you and J are okay. Interesting to hear though that you're picking up on selling techniques like positioning and stuff.

  2. I like the pic of the stall. Interesting to hear how you are thinking about the positioning etc. I hope all is okay with you, xx

  3. We're both fine thanks ladies. Didn't mean to worry anyone just wanted to say something as explanation for my lack of posting and my uncheerful disposition.


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