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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

MMM Days 21-25

So it's been a while and I have been me may maying but not felt like blogging I'm sorry.  So now you all get hit in one whammy with a truckload of photos!

MMM Day 21
 A lovely green skirt that sadly needs alterations as the waistband is now too big and ends up gathering and making me look like I've got some cream cakes stuffed under my skirt waist rather than in my mouth! Oh and me made felt ball necklace as usual.

MMM Day 22
 I was so chuffed this top went with these trousers as was convinced it was too short but I was proved wrong when desperation to have an outfit outweighed my fears!  I love grey and yellow together.

MMM Day 23
 My red polka dot skirt made for the May meet up last year, I actually like this skirt a lot more than I thought and should wear it more often.  I'm also rather fond of this shrug thingy in bright orange.

MMM Day 24

The scarf Sorbetto, photos don't really show it off very well as it looks far too grey even though it's a white background with thin blue and red stripes.  Rather patriotic get up today and jeans because we had a charity dress down day in work.  I went for a beachy theme with the jewellery and dug out my star shaped shell earrings and silver star pendant on a turquoise bead necklace.

MMM Day 25
Again this is something I don't wear but I have really enjoyed wearing it today.  I made this top from a Burda magazine pattern for the May meet up.  I wasn't that enamoured with it as it's loose but wearing it on a hot day like today was really good.  I'm in jeans again as it's the end of the month and we're allowed to wear them to work, hurray!  My fringe is over my face as the wind keeps picking up whenever I try and take a photo, this is the best of the bunch.

I have lots of other photos and tid bits but I'll save that for tomorrow as don't want to spoil you all too much!


  1. Good goin missus, looks like you've had some great weather too!

  2. I've been participating without blogging too - but I haven't even been taking pictures, so you're one up on me. You look marvelous in your pictures. Great smile!

  3. I'm loving your love of colour! The colours on Day 21 are my personal favourite but every day is a winner!

  4. Cute outfits and lots of lovely colours. I like yhe dotty skirt, xx

  5. Thank you ladies! I hadn't realised that I use colour so much, it's been said before by people I work with but just took that as people who mainly wear black to work as just what normal people wear...maybe I do have a thing about colour then! hehe!

  6. The colors your wear are so fun and vibrant. Your pink and yellow tops are my fave!


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