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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

MMM Days 26 and 27

Hello there, well I was all full of good intentions to post yesterday's outfit on the day but we ended up taking a trip to the National Botanical Gardens and it was such a gorgeous day and we wandered around so much that I was just too pooped out when I got home to blog.  I won't bore you with all 99 pictures I took yesterday, don't worry!  Here's the last two day's dress, I say 'dress' as it's the same pattern made up in two different outfits.  I've been wanting to wear these dresses since the start of May but they're not suitable for work and are best worn on a warm sunny day...bit like the last two really how convenient!

Me made Burda style dress in off white with vintage pattern flowers

I wore this dress with a net underskirt to give it a little extra poof.  I have to say it was the hottest place we probably could have gone to for a day out as the dome where this was taken is always a good few degrees hotter than outside but it was blazing in there yesterday.  We made a beeline for the waterfall where this shot was taken and very sluggishly dragged ourselves around to look at the beautiful plants.  We actually had to go outside to cool off!

And here's today's version which was a precursor to the one above if my memory serves me right.

Me made Burda style dress in raspberry
Again this was worn with the net underskirt to give some poof!  My face however, didn't need any net underskirt as I've got two wisdom teeth which have decided it's just a peachy time to start moving and have puffed up my face.  It's gone down since this morning but they're annoying me so I'm eating ice lollies and ice cubes and hankering for a teething ring!

On the bright side I got some post today!  I know it's Sunday but my neighbour kindly took in a parcel for me, and I was so happy to have it today!  It's my winnings from Cloud 9 Fabrics!  I won 13 fat quarters and they're just so darn cute.  I haven't decided yet whether I want to make a quilt or if I want to make individual things out of them like bags or purses...I'm still pondering.

Pretty grey elephants with Cloud 9 ribbon wrapped round the bundle

Side on to see all the pretty colours!

And the bottom showing the pretty giraffes! 

Sadly there are no flamingoes, however, I nearly hyperventilated today when J pointed out that there were big plastic garden ornament flamingoes in the shop we were buying a fence post from (yeah, I know, exciting...fence posts) and I rushed over but it just didn't look 'right' and it was £20 so way above what I would pay for a kitsch flamingo, even I have limits.  I am on the hunt for a flamingo like the ones seen in the TV series Wonderfalls.  If it talks to me all the better! hehe!  I already own a smooch faced lion made as souvenirs of the show.

So that's been my weekend, I'll leave you with a few choice pictures of my day out yesterday.


  1. your dresses look wonderful, I adore the vintage flower version. Looking good in the sun. x x

  2. Thanks Charlotte! Hope you're enjoying the sunshine too!

  3. gorgeous dresses and what a lovely day to walk !

  4. Lovely pics! Sorry about the wisdom teeth, but the beautiful raspberry dress totally distracts from it - great colour!

  5. What fabulous dresses! I can imagine how hot it was inside the dome this weekend! Loving your new fabric bundle - go on, make a quilt! :)

  6. Thanks ladies! Rachel it was a fabulous days walk we were there about four hours. Alessa if I could magic these teeth into place I would they're driving me nuts! Hoffi Coffi I think a hexagonal quilt is on the cards now!

  7. Love the frocks photos and the idea of warm weather!

    You have done so well with MMM. Most days I just "why???" and I throw something on and call it done. Obviously need An attitude adjustment!!

  8. both lovely dresses, but the vintage one especially looks so gorgeous on you! Love the Happy Drawing bundle... go on... do a quilt.... lol

  9. Gorgeous dresses! Makes me want to sew some.

    And I remember, Wonderfalls! That was a good show :)

  10. Thank you! I try really hard not to give up on any me made month but this one has been tough. I have found I'm less hard on myself for repeating outfits though as I do repeats with RTW anyway.

    Really must watch Wonderfalls again soon!


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