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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

What I've been making lately

If you're hoping this is a sewing post, sorry it's not, you'll just have to skip on to another blog and come back later.  It's been pouring with rain today and I've been trying to take pretty pictures of my recent makes for the shop so that I can stock up but keeping a very wet cat off the table and her muddy paws off my nice white paper has been a little desperate!  I can't load anything up on Etsy today as they're doing work on the website so I thought I'd show stuff off on here until it's fixed and bore the pants off you lot who were hoping on a dress update.

I've been trying to go a little upmarket and make some sterling silver earrings as I've had requests for them and it gives me something else to have a go at.  I also get to show off my most resent vintage shopping with the pretty glass perfume bottles I picked up the other day, I made the tassels that adorn the stoppers as I was feeling in a shabby chic mood.

Hammered copper discs on silver filled v shaped ear wires

Hammered and oxidised sterling silver half moon shapes on silver filled v shaped ear wires

Sterling silver oversized kidney shaped ear wires with sterling silver wire flower droppers

So that's the earrings and here come the rings, I love these soooo much it's going to be hard to part with them...

Blue bird with yellow tummy and tiny light blue seed beads on a silver plated adjustable ring base

Blue bird with yellow tummy with light blue baguette beads on a silver plated adjustable ring base

Orange bird with yellow tummy with tiny dark orange seed beads on a silver plated adjustable ring base

Blue bird with purple tummy with dark blue baguette beads on a silver plated adjustable ring base

I love the beads with the birds as they add such texture to the ring and a bit of sparkle in the case of the baguette beads.

And there's more!  I've been making some windmill/pin wheel hair slides, these are the first two, what do you think?

Windmill hair clips complete with wooden stick handle in a blue vase surrounded by tissue paper streamers and stars and glittery bits as didn't have sand.

J wants me to make some that twirl round even when they're in your hair...I like the idea, it's quirky but I don't know yet quite whether it's going to this space!

In other news I had a fair at a new venue the other day which has lead to two more fairs coming up and was extremely good.  I moved my stand with the pompom earrings on to the side of the table and I sat/stood in the middle of the table but still people were missing it!  I pointed it out to one lady who was admiring my needle felted rings and she said 'oh! I didn't even see those!'  I was amazed!  They're on a two foot tall stand with birds on!  Maybe I've got an invisible force field around them that I don't know about that's stopping people from noticing them straight away... Hmmmmm....

I'm looking forward to the next two fairs run by the same people as it was such a good atmosphere at this fair, it was an open mic night as well as an evening craft fair and there seemed to be something going on in the gallery as well so despite the pouring rain that day too I had lots of customers and the singers were either really good or hysterically funny.  There was a particularly good rendition of 'Tribute' originally by Tenacious D, it had the whole place laughing and clapping.  I've also managed to bag myself a display case in two local libraries in the coming months so am chuffed to bits about that!  I'm concentrating more on making things for the business at the moment rather than making clothes for myself so sewing related posts may be slow in coming for a little while.  I do have some leave coming up soon so will hopefully get some sewing done then as am bored with my wardrobe at the moment, or I was this morning as it took me the best part of an hour to decide what to wear!

Hope you're all not too drenched by the wet stuff that's coming down at the moment, have a good weekend folks!


  1. Your new goodies look great! I love the rings especially! :) The kind of ring that makes you want to gaze at your finger all day long!

  2. Thank you ladies! Really nice to get feedback.

  3. Lovely stuff, Mimi. I love those little bird rings. I also think the windmill hair accessories are super sweet. If I were looking to buy hair slide-type things online I would want an idea of scale from the photo, that's my only suggestion/feedback. Good luck with fairs and display case sounds fab. x

  4. Thank you so much! That is useful as I usually give the measurements in the description but I suppose a pictures speaks a thousand words! I'm on it!

  5. Have I missed a few posts where you became a top metalworker / jewellery maker extraordinaire?!
    Its so good to hear you so busy with all these fairs and making so much :-)

    1. I have been putting the findings together but am looking for a silversmith course.

  6. Wow, you are busy - & lovely pretty things- really living up to your name :-)

    The birdies are extremely cute - I like seeing what you are making. Good luck with the next sales

  7. Everything looks good. My favorite is that little orange bird! :)


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