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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ta Da! Sewing!

So it's been a little while but I've got a couple of things to show off to you about, so hopefully it'll have been worth the wait!  First of all I've joined Facebook, I know I know it's been around for ages and I should have done it sooner yadda yadda yadda but I've done it now.  There's a linky button thingy on the right there, go and have a look.  Oh, and do you like my little birdies?  I picked them up in a little boutique in Bath yesterday along with a beautiful faux leather gold obi style belt that I'm hoping to show off later this week with something.  It may not be a handmade something but I'll try my best to make sure it is.

I've also been busy sewing, I've made a top and a skirt and have nearly finished another skirt too.  My crafting mojo went out of the window due to a very unfortunate event that I can't talk about here.  I have an in action shot of the top for you:
Peach crepe Sorbetto with pink ribbon belt and Monsoon skirt, I like that we've captured a seagull in the background too
I found some lovely peach crepe at the market the other day and couldn't resist it as it was the exact colour I wanted as a top to go with the skirt I haven't finished making, don't ask me how this got finished before the skirt - I don't understand it either!  I lowered the neckline and widened the straps and put the neckline in the back higher as wanted more towards the nape of my neck.  I put pink bias binding on the armholes as didn't have enough fabric to make self binding and didn't have binding in peach but think the pink works well.  I put facings on the neck as the fabric is quite prone to fraying but have since realised the interfacing was a little too thick and does stand out a little.  I'm hoping that after a wash or two it'll settle down and in the meantime I just need to be careful of the undergarments I wear with it as some make it more noticeable than others.

The pictures of the skirt are not 'in action' pictures I'm sorry and it's a little creased as I forgot to take a photo of it on me and now it's not and I'm not recreating the outfit sorry!  I'm a little concerned about the length of it, I'd forgotten I'd lengthened the pattern the last time I sewed it which will teach me to look back on my blog posts about garments won't it?  Tut tut.  I do love the fabric though, it cheered me up no end making this.  I'm even impressed with my button holes!  Tee hee!

Front of very floral pleat skirt

Back of very floral pleat skirt
This is a Joel Dewberry print I do believe, I picked it up on sale at John Lewis for half price so couldn't resist it.  I already had the buttons and the zip in my stash.  It was a bit of a quick and dirty make as I needed something to occupy my mind rather than the thing I can't talk about and this occupied me quite nicely for an hour or two.  I have some fabric left and am hankering for a clutch bag for some reason so I may make one out of this.  I think it will need a velvet bow on it too, one of those really oversized ones, you know?

I have been off work this week and last week on my holidays but won't bore you with pictures, well, not on this post anyway!  I do have some pretty purchases to show you too but I'd be spoiling you all giving you all the pretty things in one go wouldn't I?  So tune in next time for some more exciting sewing!  It's exciting as I haven't done any in ages ok?  Ok.


  1. Lovely skirt :)
    I hope there's nothing too unfortunate and that your mojo comes back soon. Best wishes,

  2. Thanks Sarah, it's ok it's just annoying me at the moment.

    Thanks Rachel!

  3. I love what you've made... hurray for bright, fun clothing to brighten your day! Hope all the other stuff gets figured out soon!

  4. The top is lovely! your skirt fabric is so fun and I can definitely see it as a bag with a velvet bow - very cute!

  5. Yay! So lovely to see you happy in me made again! Lovely top, and I'll bet the skirt looks awesome too :-) Hope everything is okay.

  6. Thank you ladies! I've been sewing some soft furnishings today so will have more sewing to show off!

  7. Glad you are back and hope you are okay. Gorgeous sewing - the skirt is lovely. Such great fabric. :)

  8. Thanks Deb! I'm fine just annoyed more than anything. More sewing to show off today! Hurray!

  9. oh my I think I'm in love with your skirt fabric! Totally adorable.

  10. I adore the skirt! Beautiful fabric. Don't worry about the length - in my opinion that's what leggings or opaque tights were made for! :)

  11. Charlotte, I think it's still on sale in John Lewis if you fancy it! ;)

    Hoffi Coffi I hadn't thought of leggings, that's a good idea! I have worn it with opaque tights though. Thanks for the tip!

  12. hey! welcome back to sewing! (or rather, garment sewing) yaaaaaay!


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