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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Getting ready

I have the opportunity to showcase my work in a glass cabinet in a newly refurbished library near where I live for a month.  I'm really excited about it as my new Moo cards arrived and can use them in the cabinet, here they are!

Moo cards scattered about
Aren't they Moo-tastic?? hehe!  I'm so happy with them!  I chose to use 9 of my own photos for the designs, all of stuff that I sell apart from the birds on the birdcage.  I think they look fantastic but gave them an extra bit of pizazz with Instagram as I am slightly addicted to that app.  I also treated myself to a new bird stamp and some teal ink when I went to Bath the other week so have been making up new price cards for the objects I'm displaying in the cabinet and have made the price cards the same size as my business cards as feel that there should be some continuity and they're smaller than what I had.  I have been making and purchasing some new props too so that I don't use them all in the cabinet and then have none if I've got a stall, also some of my props wouldn't fit on the shelves so that had to be taken into consideration too.

I bought myself a glass bird tree jewellery hanging display piece, it was on sale and I couldn't resist, but am a little disappointed as to hang necklaces off it the stand should be taller but it's still good to display things on. 
Glass hanging tree with birds on branches and two sets of earrings hanging from each branch

I also got this LOVE sign that you're supposed to put photographs in but thought it would be perfect to show off my windmill hair clips and it says what I think of them and what I hope everyone who sees them will think! 
White wooden letters spelling LOVE with wires coming out and three windmills placed in the wire holders

I also got this funky photo frame and painted the back piece white and then glued in two pieces of lace so that I could hang some earrings from them so you can get a better idea of how the earrings will hang in your ears.
Metallic turquoise ornate photo frame with two strips of black lace going across the frame and three sets of earrings hanging from each piece of lace

I'm going to make a list of everything I'm putting in the cabinet with prices and keep a copy for myself and give a copy to the library staff so they can tick off what sells.  The cabinet is free but they will take a small percentage of what sells.  I think this is a fantastic idea as it enables me to show off my work to people without any cost to myself apart from some new props which I will reuse anyway.  I've got my name down for a cabinet in another newly refurbished library but that's not until March next year.

It's been really interesting going through everything and thinking how I can display it statically so that people can get a good look at it even though it's going to be behind glass.  It's meant that only certain things are suitable and like I mentioned earlier you also have to take into consideration the size of the props you use to display your items as the display cabinet; although tall, the gaps in between each shelf aren't enormously high and the shelves aren't adjustable as they're all glass too.  This means I've rejected taking any needle felted pom pom earrings or any feather earrings as I just can't display them to their best effect.  This is fine as I've got them then for stocking the shops or fairs now instead.  I also now know I need to get making as am running very low on certain items especially now I've put specific items in the cabinet, so I had better get busy!

This is completely unrelated but had to share it, we went out for lunch yesterday, J and I and I found some fantastic things, firstly this:

My frozen margarita and some nachos!
 Yum yum!  Frozen margarita, my favourite!  It was delicious!  And then when we went for a walk along the Bay we found this:

The Tardis from Doctor Who

Another shot of the Tardis

It was outside the Doctor Who Experience exhibition, we didn't go in but I immediately thought of Meg the Grand and how she'd hate me for seeing it without her! ;) Hope you enjoy the pictures at least Meg!


  1. Your new Moo cards look great! I hope you post a picture of your finished display once it is up! :)

  2. Thank you! I promise I will take lots of photos!

  3. such exciting news and the cards are lovely!

  4. Love your new cards - moo-tastic! I hope you're having a good summer!Good luck with the case at the this library - it really is a great idea.

  5. Thank you! Summer's good thanks. I'm really looking forward to it, hopefully it'll result in sales otherwise it's a good way of advertising for free!

  6. I love seeing your jewellery & the displays are great. I can remember when I was selling jewellery displays are always somehting that needs thinking through - looks like you have. Good luck with this month in the library! Hope it goes well

  7. Thank you! I agonise over how something looks now and am starting to annoy myself by thinking previous stall displays weren't good enough! haha! I'm my own worst enemy!!

  8. How fab, looks like you are doing well and I love the new business cards and the lace/picture frame display is gorgeous.

  9. Thanks Kirsty! See my next post for an update!


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