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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Knickers to you I'm making hexies!

So you may have noticed I've been a bit quiet, sorry. I've been super busy getting ready for The Secret Tea Party Vintage and Handmade Fair next weekend and didn't want to bore you all with jewellery making, so I've bored everyone on Facebook and Instagram instead!!

I have managed some exceedingly funny sewing last weekend with some lovely ladies! Thank you Mrs Scruffy Badger for a wonderful day of knicker making! Thank you to all the lovely ladies I met, I'm sorry I wasn't great company at one point, I'm a dunce for not putting tablets in every bag!  And so to my pretty pair of knickers:

Possibly Cath Kidtson fabric made into knickers with lace and lilac velvet trim and a 'made by me' tag

I'm really impressed with myself that I put elastic in, I'd never done it before but can see lots of knickers in my future! Never have there been so many innuendos about gussets! I can highly recommend The Makery in Bath and will be popping back to do another class as soon as I can make my mind up between free motion embroidery and clutch purse making, I'm also drawn towards the lampshade making course! I'm so indecisive! They're all so good!

My other bit of sewing news is that the sewing class I go to has started up again and this semester we're doing patchwork and appliqué. We're starting with a simple seven piece hexagon pattern using the English paper piecing method. Our homework was only to make our pattern pieces from card and then cut out seven paper pieces but I kind of got carried away...

Seven hexagons sewn together in a flower pattern, the predominate colours are brown, light blue and purple

So I think I know what I'm going to be doing on the long winter nights to come! Haha!

So what sewing are you up to?


  1. Funnily enough, lots of hexies!!
    Love the knickers, not pants at all ;-)

  2. Fab pants!!! Are you going to make hexagon patchwork knickers next? ;-)

    Great to see you, and looking forward to catching you next weekend as a stall holder!! Hope it all goes well this week preparing

  3. Thanks Sarah! Shall be making more of both shortly!

  4. Love your knickers (not often you can say that!). And there are definitely times where the pace of english paper piecing is highly addictive. I'm thinking that this year might be the one to put together and hand quilt the quilt top that I made a couple of years ago. Well done!

  5. What lovely knickers! The hexagons look good - very straight and neat. I am not sewing much though there's a half finished dress on my ironing board and another hanging up on the door. I am stuck knitting teddies for school! xx

  6. Thanks Deb! I can't knit anything so am super impressed you can knit teddies! Are they for a teddy bear's picnic?

  7. Ok, something weird is going on with blogger. I didn't get Winnie's or Mary's comments until today so sorry girlies, I wasn't ignoring you it's just something to do with the blogger!

    Winnie, I've had so many suggestions from people about what type of knickers to do next, but yours is by far the best suggestion so far!! hehe! Love it!

    Mary, I can see me using the Cloud 9 Fabric I won a little while ago with all the animals on being a hexie quilt. Would love to see your hand quilted one!

  8. Ha, nice undies ;) Do I see quilting in your future too now? Because your hexagons look absolutely fab!

  9. I love hexagons. I've been working on one quilt for about 20 years or more. All scraps from other projects. I go in fits in starts, and use hexagons that are pre-cut for me from cardstock. I use the 3/4" sides. It is addictive, and I'm thinking about doing bigger ones ... some day!

    Your knickers are cute as can be. Giles linked me over.


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