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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sewing class

Yay!  Sewing!  Oh how I've missed thee!  The sewing class that I told you about last time is still going strong, no drop outs yet and this week we made a six point star.  Now that sounds pretty easy doesn't it?  I looked at it and thought, six diamonds - no problem!  However, to the mathematically challenged like myself wielding a ruler and protractor again felt too much like the dark days of school...but I did it, I still can't quite get my head around it and probably couldn't replicate it without some help but I've made all the diamonds by hand on paper and then cut them out of fabric. 

The fabrics are a mix of pains I bought in a fat quarter bundle of plains and some random patterned ones that took my eye, I've placed them against my cream cord cushion as it was the easiest white background to hand being right next to me!
This lot still has the paper and tacking stitches in.  I'm not taking them out just yet as I've got the unenviable task of deciding whether to sacrifice it and use it in my workbook or keep it in the hope that I continue and make lots more to make a quilt and make another out of fabric that I'm less attached to so that I have something to show in the workbook.  Hmmmmmm...decisions decisions.

I've bought some more fat quarters from the fabric stall in my local market yesterday as they were too pretty to leave and we've got a new project to do next week.  It's a secret what the project is, can't decide whether the teacher is winding us up and hasn't decided yet or she knows certain members of the class won't like it so will just spring it on us on the day!! hehe!  I like the latter option but I'm evil like that!

Starting from the bottom up, stripes in light blue, turquoise, green, beige and brown in various widths.  Next is a dark brown with purple and cream tiny flowers in clusters with circles that have dots round them as a pattern.  Next is a light green with darker green polka dots and large old English roses in shades of pink and red and is my favourite.  The last is a lovely red with gold stars, they're reminiscent of Christmas or American flag style stars to me.

I think the colours go well together as there's at least one colour of each in every quarter, the patterns may not go together in everyone's opinion but I like the clash.  I've still got lots of plain fat quarters to go with them in matching colours as don't know how many different patterns I may need for the next project.  Ooooooh!  I'm excited!

I've also been a very lucky bunny and had a present of buttons from J's mum, she brought them back from their holidays in France last week and I love them!

White packet of loveliness!  Buttons in shades of blue, green and pink enamel and two cream with flower patterns on them

Apparently I would have broken the bank going into the shop where she found these as she said she'd never seen so many buttons and I would have been in heaven!  *Sigh*  Have no idea what they're going to be used for yet, I'm slightly tempted to make the enamel ones into a necklace...otherwise skirts with button decorations perhaps as there's only six of the enamel ones.

I had planned to make knickers this weekend as had my lovely knicker pattern from Mrs Scruffy Badger but when I got to the market stall they didn't have any knicker elastic like the stuff we'd used in the class, just that stringy stuff that doesn't look very enticing so have been trawling Etsy and have seen some amazing colours and patterns on elastic and was just glad the battery went on my phone before I could buy the lot last night!  I suppose I should have known there would be a wealth of colours out there as can see it on the stuff in my drawer and in the shops but I was amazed at how quickly I found so many lovely things!  The wonders of the internet!  I was also pleased that it wasn't as expensive as the ladies at the market stall had lead me to believe, phew!  Now I just need to measure just how much elastic each pair of knickers needs and work out how much to order.

So sewing plans out the window I'm going to make some Halloween style jewellery for a fair I have next Friday, finger's crossed they turn out as good as they look in my head!!  Watch this space!


  1. Your diamonds are super neat! very impressive. Can't wait to see teh progress.!

  2. Your diamonds are super neat! very impressive. Can't wait to see teh progress.!

  3. The patchwork star looks very good. I struggle with that kind of accuracy so you have my admiration. I vote for button necklace. xx

  4. Thank you ladies! I think a necklace is on the agenda! ;)

  5. Love the buttons! They're gorgeous!

    For lovely knicker elastic try They're based in Bristol but you can buy online too. I've bought some fab stuff from them.

  6. Thank you! Will check them out. I've ordered some from Etsy.


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