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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Giant flowers, stamping magpies and a new dress

I've been busy making paper flowers for the wedding venue, still no date folks, but we're going to see the registrar next week to register and will go see the caterer we have in mind and look round the few venues we've thought of or been recommended.

Sitting in work making paper flowers has turned into something of a revolution as so many people have been asking how to make them or telling me how pretty they are.  I'm in awe of their simplicity and beauty and can't wait to get them all together and see what they look like as a group.

Here's a few quick pictures taken on my phone and camera of the small flowers

Oranges, hot pinks and purple ruffle tissue paper flowers

Shades of green tissue paper ruffle flowers

Pastel coloured ruffle tissue paper flowers
I've decided now that it's probably best to just fold, cut and secure the flowers but not ruffle them as I'm going to run out of storage space fast due to this little furry wonder

'I'm so cute I won't hurt your flowers' says Fizz
I've taken over the high shelving in J's music room to make sure Fizz doesn't take her sharp little claws and teeth to my hard work.  Just as with fabric, whenever I lay out some card or tissue paper to cut out flowers she's there to sit on it!

I've made quite a few card flowers now too, there's still some to finish off but I've made some giant tissue paper flowers whilst these have been drying out.

Giant card daffodil type flower in blue and pink

Smaller tendril like flower in pink, blue and yellow

Giant yellow flower with pink, green and blue tendril centre

Giant blue flower with yellow centre that I was working on in the last post
I've had fun with these, I really have.  I'm sure I'm supposed to me more stressed out about a wedding but I'm loving making things and seeing people's eyes widen when I tell them what I'm making and what it's for!  The funny looks and comments I've had in work are hysterical!

Here's the giant tissue paper's getting a bit floral around here isn't it?  Sorry about that...

Trio of tissue paper flowers, one blue two pink, they're on my attic stairs, they're that big.
Close up of pink flower with lighter outer petals

Close up of blue flower

Close up of pink flower with darker outer petals
One last wedding related photos for this post I promise!  These are the cards I've stamped for the invites and thank you cards for the presents we've received.  This took FOREVER and by the end I was beginning to think I couldn't spell 'save' or 'date' as I'd stamped them that many times that I thought it looked wrong...I'm warning you people, anyone who wants to mass produce cards for anything beware over exposure to stamping the same words over and over and over again!

Save the date invite cards with my lino cut magpies

Thank you cards with my lino cut magpies
And just to keep all of you who like to look at clothes happy I'll show you a dress!  It's not my wedding dress but it's a modern take on a 1940s dress.  I got it from the same shop as my wedding dress and love it!

Red with white polka dots 1940s style tea dress
So my idea at the moment is to have the flowers either on a wall so that we can have photos taken against them or to get an arch and put them all round it and put streamers at the back so that can be the back drop for photos.  I'm probably going to fill the house with flowers before the big day and then worry how on earth I'm going to get them all to the venue in one piece, but hey ho!  I'm carrying on regardless as it's keeping me happy.

I have promised a certain someone, Medha, a 'how to' on the ruffle flowers and I will do soon but my arms are hurting now as I've been making things all day, sorry!  If anyone wants me to show you how to make any of the other flowers let me know and I'll get photos done as I go along to show you all.   Hope I haven't bored you all too much with wedding talk, I'm getting really really excited now whenever I look at the flowers!


  1. they look great. Actually, in not being stressed I think you are winning the wedding. Go team you!

  2. The flowers are so pretty! And I love the dress, it looks amazing on you :)

    1. Thank you so much! I was unsure about the dress at first so it's good to know it looks ok!

  3. You busy bee! Those flowers are looking all kinds of rad! I spent weeks folding origami cranes for my wedding- it was the same sort of enjoyable zen experience. And that frock? Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I'd love to see the cranes, do you have pictures?

  4. Awww...take care of those busy arms and hands! The tutorial can wait! That polka dotted dress looks really cute on you. And so do the save the date cards. Cute, I mean!

  5. Those are absolutely smashing! They are so bright and cheerful, especially on this very grey day in March. Well done!!

  6. I love the colours you used for the flowers :) they look great!

    Dress is super cute on you <3

  7. Hi Amy, I have just been talking to Giles (he of This Guy Quilts) and he tells me you will be at Malvern this week, I am going on Saturday and it would be great if we can meet up there. Hope all goes on well with your wedding plans the bouquet looks great as do all the other Flowers you have made, keep up the good work.
    I am into needle felting & knitting too!
    will drop by again soon.


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