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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm spoiling you guys

Yup, good and proper spoiling, two posts in quick succession...aren't you lucky?'s wedding related and not sewing but there are pretty shiny things!

I asked J's parents if I could borrow some of J's grandmother's brooches for my bouquet and when I said 'some' I was thinking one or two but they most generously let me borrow 37!  They're all lovely and sparkly and everything, best 'something borrowed' I've wrangled so far I think.

Here they are all lined up so that I don't forget who gave me what to put in the bouquet

All the pretty brooches
They are not only J's grandmother's but some are his great grandmother's and great great grandmother's too and one or two from his mum.  I'm just stoked there are some that are great big shiny stones and others are small delicate pieces.  I think my absolute favourite is the tiny little dragon/damsel fly (I'm not sure which it is, I'm sure someone will know) it's second row up from the bottom on the right hand side.  I was really chuffed that J's dad thought it was such a lovely idea to have a piece from everyone so that it's a brining of the families together.

So I've spent a few hours wiring them up, I'm not finished by a long shot as not even done with the ones I already had.  I'm also on the hunt for some floristry tape to wrap round the wire so they look more like flowers with stems.  I think I'll be wrapping things in my sleep before long...

The other thing that I've made a start on is the decorations for the reception.  I love Pinterest and I've seen some gorgeous things on there, chiefly among which are paper flowers in bright and pretty colours...umm no brainer for me really flowers and bright colours.

I just LOVE this and am hoping to do something similar in whatever venue I can get my little mits on! It might not be an arch and there won't be petals on the floor but I'm loving the giant flowers and the colours and streamers.

I've made a start myself today after doing a little flower test run and the first layer is now drying on the table with pegs to keep it secure, please ignore the mess I'm quilting and doing resin all at the same time whilst sipping tea and trying to resist the choccy digestive biccies.

Giant blue flower held together with pegs amongst the rest of the crafting mess
I should get this one done by the end of the week.  I'm hoping to find larger coloured card that doesn't cost the earth but it may just have to be tissue paper for anything bigger than this one.

So what do you guys think?  Am I mad or do you think it'll work out?  I'm slightly frightened that I'll make all these flowers and then I'll try and put them up and they'll probably not stay up or if they do they'll look super naff and cheap rather than whimsical and cute.  I'm teetering on the edge of taste here methinks...


  1. I think tissue flowers would look really cute. Maybe not super jumbo sized ones though so the petals don't droop. Those brooches are lovely, real pieces of family history. I can't wait to see how your bouquet turns out!

    1. When I say giant I only mean as big as the ones in the picture! I get carried away sometimes! ;)

      I'm thinking the bouquet is going to take me a long time to complete and will probably cause some head scratching to get them all to fit together nicely.

    2. I didn't think you really meant giant ;) And some card paper used for the center should stiffen them sufficiently. IMHO of course.

      I'm sure that bouquet will turn out fabulous. Have faith in yourself my dear. And of course it will be worth it when you look at your wedding pictures!

  2. this all sounds lovely. I'm a big fan of tissue paper flowers, although I've found keeping them to about 6-8" keeps them from getting droopy.

  3. Thanks Allison! Great tip about the sizes! I'm only doing the pompom style flowers in tissue paper the rest will be in card so I'm hoping they won't droop. I'll keep you all informed of course!

  4. Wow!! such fabulous news, Congratulations! I like all of your ideas so far, especially your bouquet, a lovely way of getting everybody to take part and so different to anything else I've seen before.


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