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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Multi crafting

I've been keeping myself occupied since my last post making things for the sprout and the sprout's room. My latest project is a quilt made from some Cloud 9 fat quarters I won a couple of years ago. It was hard to cut into these fabric pieces because they'd been in my stash for so long they'd become almost 'too good' to cut into. Have you ever found that? I've made a makeshift quilt wall with a bedsheet hung against the wall from guitar hooks and pinned the hexies to it.

It's going to stay like that for a day or so as I'm not sure of the placement. I'm going to machine sew it because otherwise the sprout will be leaving home before it's finished if I hand sew it! 

I've knitted one blanket and am halfway through knitting another.
I knitted this in two sections as it was going to be too wide for my needles otherwise. The wool is self striping, I think I used about six balls of yarn for this. It's a Sirdar chunky but I've forgotten the name.

This is the second blanket that I'm knitting in moss stitch, it's addling my poor pregnancy brain sometimes and have had to unpick a few rows as got the pattern wrong and it was turning into a rib knit! I know, it's a simple stitch to do but I think it shows how bad my brain has gotten with disturbed sleep and worrying! It's Debbie Bliss Paloma alpaca and will be using two balls in yellow and two in green.

Back to sewing, I've made a gum drop pillow from an Amy Butler pattern that I've used many times before. I went through all my cushions and pillows and those that were too flat to use anymore got cannibalised to stuff this pouffe. It's stuffed within an inch of its life as I want to use it to prop my feet on when I'm nursing the sprout.

I've still got plenty of this fabric left so am considering making a matching pillow to go behind my back, possibly with a pompom trim because I can. So naaaaaa.

Oh, here's the latest scan of the sprout

I think it looks like the sprout is about to suck it's thumb or fist. I just hope it likes all the nesting I've been doing!


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